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Reality Check: New Jim Beam Bourbon Thickburger from Hardee's and Carl's Jr.

The new Jim Beam Bourbon Thickburger is a clever twist, sure to excite a certain demographic of young male fast food consumers who will be intrigued simply by the alcohol tie-in. Of course, a little T&A also plays well with that crowd, and Hardee's/Carl's Jr. never disappoints. But how does the real thing stack up to the booze-soaked, high-production-value fantasy? More

Video: Kate Upton's Southwest Patty Melt Commercial for Carl's Jr. and Hardees

In grand Carl's Jr./Hardee's tradition of making commercials featuring attractive women eating burgers in exaggeratedly sensual ways—Paris Hilton, Padma Lakshmi, Audrina Patridge, and Miss Turkey—model Kate Upton stars in this commercial for their latest burger, the Southwest Patty Melt topped with jalapeño slices, grilled onions, pepper Jack cheese, and spice Santa Fe sauce on grilled sourdough bread. More

Carl's Jr. and Hardee's New Steakhouse Burger: 'Tastes Like It's Made by the God of Hamburgers'

Finally, the Hamburger God has revealed himself. His name is Hamblor and he has the power to shoot onion strings out of his hands and shatter a blue cheese-based bust of himself by using his mighty voice. Like any good god, he has nubile, burger-loving goddesses by his side and rides on a monstrously huge St. Bernard bearing a cask of A.1. sauce around his neck. You can join his kingdom on September 28 for the chance to rise to immortality win free burgers and other prizes from Carl's Jr. and Hardee's. More

Happy 50th Birthday to Hardee's

The first Hardee's location in 1960. [Photograph: Hardee's Food Systems, Inc. on Flickr] Happy (belated) 50th birthday to Hardee's! Founder Wilbur Hardee opened his first location in Greenville, North Carolina, on September 3, 1960. You can read more about... More

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