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Celebrate Pasadena Cheeseburger Week, January 13 to 18

Next week from January 13 to 18, Pasadena is celebrating their second annual Pasadena Cheeseburger Week during which over 40 restaurants in the city will offer special deals and creative burger interpretations. When you've eaten your fill of burgers, vote for your favorite restaurants in this online survey for the chance to win a cheeseburger meal at a participating restaurant. More

A Visit to Louis' Lunch, Home of the Hamburger

One of the nation's most important hamburger institutions, Louis' Lunch lays claim to having invented the dish we love so much. The burger here is known more for its isn'ts than anything else. It isn't served on a bun but on slices of toast. It isn't served with condiments. It is, however, a unique contribution to America's national cuisine More


Many people agree that having one less McDonald's is not necessarily a bad thing, but the recent removal of the old school McDonald's at Highland and Sunset in Hollywood is a sad departure of a North American icon. Rather... More

Burger Fest 2005

-->So why did we post earlier today about the history of hamburgers? Because we wanted to give readers a little insight into the confusing matter before pointing out that today in Seymour, Wisconsin, BurgerFest is going on as we,... More

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