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Gift Couture's Kickstarter Campaign for Burger-themed Wrapping Paper

If you want the burger-themed wrapping paper above to become a reality, help fund Gift Couture's Kickstarter project. They're trying to raise $7,900 by the end if January 1 to print at least 1,000 sheets of each design and ship them to backers, along with enable them to release future sets of wrapping paper. A minimum $20 pledge will get you a full set of the burger gift wrap, while a pledge of $150 or more will also get you a handmade golden cheeseburger trophy. More

Gift Guide: For the Burger Lover

Whether the burger lover in your life is into just eating burgers, making burgers, or wearing burgers, you should be able to find something worth getting in our burger lovers gift guide featuring slider-making tools, meat grinders, T-shirts, kitchen timers, 3D puzzles, and more. If you can't find the right burger-themed gift in this guide, check out our guides from 2007 and 2009. More

Burger Box Locket

[Photograph: Chinnychinchin] When a heart-shaped locket just won't do, keep a photo of a loved one/burger close to you with this gold-plated burger take-out box-shaped locket ($80 from Chinnychinchin). Also comes in silver.... More

Magic Cheezburger

[Photograph: LOLMart] It's the Magic 8-Ball for the cheeseburger and LOLspeak-loving generation: behold, the Magic Cheezburger ($14.99). Shake it to get profound answers like "U CAN HAS," "SRSLY?" and "SRY, I EATED IT." Related Burger-Shaped Hand Warmer and Massager... More

Aussie Burger Pillow

[Photograph: Pearl Dragon on Etsy] This knitted wool Aussie burger pillow ($20) from Pearl Dragon on Etsy includes a purple layer for the beet slice and a yellow layer for the pineapple. Nice gift for the Australian burger lover... More

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