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Reality Check: Sandwich Baguette Façon/McBaguette from McDonald's France

The Sandwich Baguette Façon McDo is apparently McDonald's attempt to increase their already large fast food market share to include principled older French people who would normally reject what they consider to be zee nourriture Américaine (bof!). It consists of a baguette tradition, romain lettuce, Emmental cheese, two burger patties, and a sauce based on moutarde à l'ancienne. More

Star Wars-themed Burgers Coming Soon to Belgian/French Chain Quick

Belgian/French burger chain Quick will release Star Wars-themed burgers for a limited time in conjunction with the February release of Star Wars Episode 1: The Phantom Menace 3D in theaters. Three double patty burgers will be available starting in February: the Dark Burger (available until March 1), the Jedi Burger (available until March 5), and the black-bunned Dark Vador (Darth Vader) Burger (available until March 1). The Darth Vader is getting all the attention, of course, because black bun = WTF. I couldn't find a description of the toppings, but I'd guess it's spicy since the red bits look like peppers. More

The Strangest Burger I've Ever Eaten, From Chalet Regain in France

During the final leg of my recent trip to the Franche-Comté region of France with the Comté Cheese Association, we stopped in the town of Les Rousses very close to the Swiss border where I can safely say that I ate the strangest burger I've ever had in my life. What emerged from the kitchen had me struggling to hold back fits of laughter. More

French Fast Food Showdown: McDonald's vs. Quick

You're in France, and you're hungry for fast food. You see the Golden Arches, and head in that direction. Then you see a similar looking restaurant across the street, whose logo has a large white Q inside a red house—that'd be Quick, in these parts, McDonald's main competitor. It's fast food, you can tell, but it's French, so surely it must be better... or is it? What do you do? On a trip to Paris, I pitted Quick and "McDo" against each other. More

The Only Good Burgers in Paris

"The only decent burgers in Paris are served at Ferdi (32 rue Mont Thabor, First, 011-331-42-60-82-52) and Le Scoop (154 rue Saint Honoré, First, 011-331-42-60-31-64)," says food writer Alexander Lobrano at the New York Times blog The Moment. Related: Burger... More

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