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San Francisco's Burger Pod Featuring a Different Food Truck Each Weekday

Robyn Lee 1 comment

This week, San Francisco's Off the Grid launched Burger Pod, which will feature one burger-centric food truck each weekday at Sacramento Street and Montgomery Street (map) from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. More

Providence: Maybe Plouf Plouf's Duck Burger Just Shouldn't Exist

Sam Levison 15 comments

The highlight of Plouf Plouf's bacon and wild mushroom-topped duck burger is the side of fries that comes with it. More

More Hurricane Sandy Relief from Burgers and Food Trucks

Robyn Lee 1 comment

In the wake of Hurricane Sandy, many food businesses in New York City have been helping out by holding relief dinners and giving away free meals. Food trucks have been particularly helpful in getting food out to severely affected areas in Staten Island, Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan, and New Jersey. Although Serious Eats: New York is keeping us updated on Sandy stories from the food world, I wanted to point out what some of our friends in the burger world have done to help, and what you can do. More

NYC Food Trucks: If It's a Burgermergency, Maybe Head to Go Burger

AHT: New York Sam Levison Post a comment

At Go Burger, everything's there but the beef, which is small in quantity and notably non-beefy. More

NYC Food Trucks: Bistro Lamb Burger at Bistro Truck

AHT: New York Sam Levison 2 comments

Last week, I tried what is perhaps the best lamb burger in the city: April Bloomfield's delicious rendition at The Breslin. So lamby it says "baaa," this burger is just about perfect. So, when I decided upon the Bistro Truck as my next destination, I knew I would have to reduce my lamb burger expectations back into the realm of mere mortals. Lucky for me, the Bistro Truck's Lamb Burger wasn't half bad. More

NYC Food Trucks: Morocho Makes a Mean Fusion Burger

Sam Levison 3 comments

The Poor Man's Burger from Morocho is an all-around excellent hamburger, from the beef to the toppings to the look it evokes in those who enjoy it. Unlike many New York trucks, Morocho doesn't tout its sourced ingredients or special blend. Instead, chef Miguel Samanez simply does everything right and lets the quality ingredients, including some ultra fresh veggies, speak for themselves. More

NYC Food Trucks: Okay Beef Overshadowed by Great Toppings at Frites 'n' Meats

AHT: New York Sam Levison 6 comments

The phrase "Saving the world, one burger at a time" adorns each and every takeout bag from New York City's Frites 'n' Meats food truck. After sampling their full burger menu, I think they should consider changing this motto to "Saving our burgers, one avocado at a time." As Nick Solares has pointed out, a great burger shouldn't need any condiments to taste delicious. Unfortunately, toppings are a major saving grace at a truck that seemed destined for burger greatness. More

Photo of the Day: The $666 Douche Burger from 666 Burger

Robyn Lee 17 comments

From photographer Kate Black comes photos of the $666 Douche Burger made of a foie-stuffed, gold-leaf-wrapped "Kobe" patty topped with Gruyère melted with Champagne steam, caviar, lobster, truffles, and kopi luwak coffee barbecue sauce. More

NYC Food Trucks: Outlandish Burgers at Munchie Mobile

AHT: New York Sam Levison Post a comment

Somewhere between the purple paint job, light-up eyes and idiosyncratic burger names, one might begin to think that the Munchie Mobile food truck is all gimmick without the grub to back it up. Luckily, this is not the case with their hamburgers. More

Atlanta: Burgers Elevated to Rockstar Status at Mix'D UP

AHT: Atlanta Todd Brock 9 comments

Whether you're a line cook or a lead guitarist, when you find that sweet spot and manage to crank out a solid gold hit, it's a thing of beauty that can delight a crowd. Just ask the culinary rock and roller behind Mix'D UP, an Atlanta food truck that's rocking street burgers with a gourmet touch. More

The $666 Douche Burger from Food Truck 666 Burger

Robyn Lee 31 comments

Food truck 666 Burger knows how to drum up loads of press before even taking to the streets of New York City: make a really expensive, over-the-top burger. Their $666 Douche Burger lives up to its name, featuring caviar, lobster, truffles, foie gras, gold leaf, Gruyère, and more. More

Los Angeles: Food Truck Mediocrity from Twist Burgers

AHT: Los Angeles Damon Gambuto 21 comments

Twist Burgers' owner Jorge Rincon touts his burgers as a revolution, but a revolution that comes slathered in goat cheese and blueberries isn't a cause I can get behind. More

Oakland, CA: Fivetenburger Serves Burgers Befitting a Lunch Truck

AHT: San Francisco David Kover 4 comments

You can get all sorts of food at San Francisco's Off the Grid food truck meet-up. But this past weekend at the Golden Gate Fields location, the longest line was for the hamburgers at Fivetenburger. More

Seattle: The Smoky, Funky, Bacon Jam-Slathered Burger at Skillet

AHT: Seattle Adam Lindsley 6 comments

Skillet, a vintage Airstream trailer-cum-mobile grill, serves a very fine grass-fed cheeseburger made even more delectable with a generous helping of their sweet, smoky, salty bacon jam. You heard right: bacon jam. And yes, it's as good as it sounds. More

Argentinean Food Truck Tanguito in San Francisco Serves Some Mighty Fine Burgers

AHT: San Francisco Erin Jackson 8 comments

Tanguito, a food truck in Fisherman's Wharf, serves some of the tastiest burgers in San Francisco. The half-pound burgers are also plenty big enough to share, making it an affordable lunch in a city that can be hard on a tourist's wallet. More

Grilled: Ryan Harkins of the Grill 'Em All Burger Truck in Los Angeles

Grilled BurgerConquest 3 comments

Today our burger blogging friend Rev Ciancio of Burger Conquest interviews chef Ryan Harkins of Los Angeles-based burger truck Grill 'Em Alll (twitter: @GrillEmAllTruck). Grill 'Em All are featured in Travel Channel's Food Wars episode on Los Angeles trucks (rerun... More

Cheeseburger-Themed Sushi Available at Yatta-! Truck in Los Angeles

AHT: Los Angeles Robyn Lee 12 comments

[Photograph: Yatta-! Truck] The cheeseburger-themed All-American sushi roll from the new Yatta-! Truck in Los Angeles features beef and melted cheese for the filling ($3.75 for 4 pieces, $7 for 8 pieces). For the full All-American experience, you should... More

Kogi's Limited Time Kimchi and Cheddar Sliders

AHT: Los Angeles Robyn Lee 2 comments

In honor of the World Cup, Los Angeles-based Korean food truck fleet Kogi will be serving special World Cup-inspired dishes—think lamb gyro for Greece, arancini for Italy, tortillas for Spain, and sliders for the US. For $6 you get two... More

LA's Grill 'Em All Burger Truck in NYC This Weekend for 'The Great Food Truck Race'

Robyn Lee Post a comment

Los Angeles' Grill 'Em All burger truck is in New York City this weekend to participate in Food Network's "The Great Food Truck Race" against Nom Nom, a banh mi truck also from Los Angeles. If you want to support... More

Burgers and Wine: The Umami Burger Truck and domaineLA

AHT: Los Angeles Damon Gambuto 12 comments

This post took place over a month ago, but is only being published now due to editorial oversight. Our bad. But hey, the food still exists! Here's Damon's review of Umami Burger's entrant into the food truck scene. [Photographs: Damon... More

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