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Burger King Cuts Off Horse DNA-Contaminated Beef Supplier

Robyn Lee 5 comments

Burger King has stopped using beef processing plant Silvercrest in Ireland after tests revealed "very small trace levels" of horse DNA in its products, reports The Guardian. More

Horse DNA Found in Frozen Burger Patties Sold in the UK and Ireland

Robyn Lee 16 comments

On Tuesday, the Food Safety Authority of Ireland (FSAI) revealed that they found horse DNA in frozen beef burger patties sold in the UK and Ireland by major supermarket chains Aldi, Iceland, Lidl, and Tesco. More

Effects of 'Pink Slime' on Beef Industry

Robyn Lee 1 comment

Layoffs at a major beef processing plant, a boom in U.S. imports of beef, and record high prices of fresh lean beef trimmings are some of the effects of the "pink slime" controversy—the use of ammonia hydroxide-treated beef trimmings as a burger additive, known as "lean, finely textured beef" (LFTB) in the beef industry. Read more from Reuters. More

Video: Jon Stewart Reacts to 'Pink Slime' on 'The Daily Show'

Robyn Lee 6 comments

From yesterday's episode of The Daily Show, Jon Stewart riffs on "pink slime," the ammonia-treated beef trimmings product sometimes added to ground beef that started making headlines earlier this year when McDonald's announced their burgers would no longer use "pink slime." Since then, many supermarkets have also announced that they would no longer sell beef containing "pink slime." More

Video: McDonald's No Longer Using 'Pink Slime' in Burgers

Robyn Lee 11 comments

Last week McDonald's announced they're no longer be using "pink slime"—beef trimmings rinsed in ammonium hydroxide to kill bacteria—as an additive in their burgers. The name "pink slime" comes from British chef/food activist Jamie Oliver, who blasted its use in his TV show Food Revolution last year. The video above from CBS News shows clips from Food Revolution where Oliver explains what pink slime is to his audience of parents and children. McDonald's states, "The decision...was not related to any particular event." More

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