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The Shake Smash Guy: How To Have The Ultimate Burger Experience In Downtown Brooklyn

Rather than settle for a sub-optimal burger-topping-fry combo, Serious Eats editors Carey Jones, Erin Zimmer, and I went straight into the heart of the Burger Zone (the official name for the area of downtown Brooklyn that now houses a Shake Shack, a Smashburger, and a Five Guys all within a five-minute walkable radius). Once we reached the epicenter of the three restaurants, we split up and headed out to pick up a topped burger and side of fries from each restaurant. The idea was that we'd use the different components to assemble The Ultimate Burger and Fries Combo, a high end fast-food meal so epic that it requires the use of capital letters. More

Five Guys and In-N-Out Top Burger Joints in Guide to Restaurant Working Conditions

This month ROC United (Restaurant Opportunities Centers United) released the National Diners' Guide 2012: A Consumers Guide on the Working Conditions of America's Restaurants (PDF), a guide that outlines how well employees are treated at 150 restaurants/chains around the country in regards to wages for tipped and non-tipped workers, whether there are paid sick days, and whether there are opportunities for advancement. More

Burger Love in Social Media

From social media consultant Jason Falls comes this chart illustrating reception of major burger brands in social media based on volume of conversation, sentiment, and passion, using data pulled by ConsumerBase. In-N-Out had the most volume, but came in second for positive chatter right behind Five Guys. White Castle was the most polarizing between love and hate, and Wendy's was most disliked, although not passionately so. Read more at Falls' site, Social Media Explorer. More

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