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Shake Shack Coming to Las Vegas Next Year

Robyn Lee 10 comments

Today, Shake Shack announced they'll be opening in Las Vegas at the end of 2014. We'll finally be able to do a real side-by-side In-N-Out vs. Five Guys vs. Shake Shack taste test. More

Staff Picks: Our Favorite Fast Food Burgers

The Serious Eats Team 55 comments

Our favorite fast food burgers—which we defined as burgers you can order at a counter or drive-thru—include good old McDonald's, fast casual SmashBurger, lots of In-N-Out, and more. What are your favorite fast food burgers? More

Burger City Guides: Michael Solomonov's Favorite Burgers in Philadelphia

AHT: Philadelphia Allegra Ben-Amotz 3 comments

When James Beard award-winning chef Michael Solomonov isn't testing our kosher hamburger recipes, he has no problem scarfing down a good bacon cheeseburger in his hometown. Here are five of his favorite burgers in Philadelphia. More

Five Guys Tops National Consumer Survey on Favorite Burger Chain

Robyn Lee 44 comments

According to a survey of more than 7,600 US consumers, Five Guys is America's favorite burger chain, followed by In-N-Out, Fuddruckers, A&W, and Smashburger. More

Video: 'Oh My Dayum,' an Auto-Tuned Ode to Five Guys

Robyn Lee 5 comments

"Oh My Dayum" is the catchiest auto-tuned song made from a glowing review of Five Guys you'll ever hear. More

The Shake Smash Guy: How To Have The Ultimate Burger Experience In Downtown Brooklyn

AHT: New York J. Kenji López-Alt 28 comments

Rather than settle for a sub-optimal burger-topping-fry combo, Serious Eats editors Carey Jones, Erin Zimmer, and I went straight into the heart of the Burger Zone (the official name for the area of downtown Brooklyn that now houses a Shake Shack, a Smashburger, and a Five Guys all within a five-minute walkable radius). Once we reached the epicenter of the three restaurants, we split up and headed out to pick up a topped burger and side of fries from each restaurant. The idea was that we'd use the different components to assemble The Ultimate Burger and Fries Combo, a high end fast-food meal so epic that it requires the use of capital letters. More

Five Guys and In-N-Out Top Burger Joints in Guide to Restaurant Working Conditions

Robyn Lee 1 comment

This month ROC United (Restaurant Opportunities Centers United) released the National Diners' Guide 2012: A Consumers Guide on the Working Conditions of America's Restaurants (PDF), a guide that outlines how well employees are treated at 150 restaurants/chains around the country in regards to wages for tipped and non-tipped workers, whether there are paid sick days, and whether there are opportunities for advancement. More

In-N-Out vs. Five Guys vs. Shake Shack: The First Bi-Coastal Side-By-Side Taste Test

J. Kenji López-Alt 192 comments

In-N-Out, Five Guys, and Shake Shack all have devout followings, but who really makes the best burger? It's a question that's debated far and wide on the internet and beyond, so we here at A Hamburger Today decided to take it upon ourselves to find the answer and declare an official King of the High Quality Fast Food Burger. More

Burger Love in Social Media

Robyn Lee 2 comments

From social media consultant Jason Falls comes this chart illustrating reception of major burger brands in social media based on volume of conversation, sentiment, and passion, using data pulled by ConsumerBase. In-N-Out had the most volume, but came in second for positive chatter right behind Five Guys. White Castle was the most polarizing between love and hate, and Wendy's was most disliked, although not passionately so. Read more at Falls' site, Social Media Explorer. More

Consumer Reports' Burger Poll Names In-N-Out the Best, McDonald's the Worst

Robyn Lee 25 comments

Happy In-N-Out burger, sad McDonald's cheeseburger. [Photographs: Robyn Lee] The October issue of Consumer Reports features the results of a fast food burger poll taken by 28,000 of their readers. Out of 18 restaurants, In-N-Out and Five Guys tied... More

Five Guy's Tops 2010 Xtreme Eating Awards in Burger Catagory

Nick Solares 27 comments

Photograph: Robyn Lee Five Guy's Burgers and Fries has bested McDonald's, Burger King and the rest of the fast food industry in the 2010 Xtreme Eating Awards. The rather dubious honor, awarded by the consumer watch dog group Center... More

Winner of the Chain Burger Tournament: Five Guys

Robyn Lee 30 comments

[Photograph: Robyn Lee] Three weeks of polls are finally over. Behold your Chain Burger Tournament winner: Five Guys. We know many of you aren't happy about the results or the way the brackets were seeded, but there are obviously... More

Video: Obama Burger Run to Five Guys on 'Inside the Obama White House'

Adam Kuban 6 comments

On Friday we noted that President Barack Obama made a burger run to Five Guys with NBC's Brian Williams. Last night NBC aired footage of the most recent Obama Burger Run as part of the special report Inside the... More

Breaking: More Obama Burgers; Orders Lunch from Five Guys

Robyn Lee 18 comments

Right now: President Obama orders Five Guys for lunch. Burger for himself and food for NBC's Brian Williams. No word on whether POTUS ordered it medium-well with Dijon. Follow @InsideObamaWH for further developments. [via @Gordoneats] Update: He ordered a cheeseburger... More

Five Guys in Midtown Raised Prices

Robyn Lee 9 comments

A Midtown Lunch reader reports that the Five Guys in Midtown raised their prices for the second time in the last year—80 cents for fries and 30 to 40 cents for burgers. "Burger and Fries now is $12 (including tax)... More

Dear AHT: Boston Five Guys No Good

Dear AHT Adam Kuban 13 comments

Burger Barons, The backround: I've been enjoying Five Guys since it made it to NYC in Queens as verified by AHT. It's been a must have when either the lines at Shake Shack make it possible to drive through the... More

Review of Five Burger Chains in Chicago

AHT: Chicago Robyn Lee 3 comments

Burgers from Fatburger and Five Guys. Kevin Pang of the Chicago Tribune eats at five burger chains in the Chicago area in five hours (accompanied by a bottle of antacid): Sonic Drive-In, Fatburger, Meat Heads, Five Guys, and The... More

Five Guys' Fries Make Me Weep with Happiness, Burger Is Not Bad

Robyn Lee 59 comments

After hearing about the greatness of Five Guys over and over again and possibly being the only burger writer who had never eaten there (yes, I'm full of shame), I finally visited the burger chain for the first time... More

Review of Five Guys in Chicago

AHT: Chicago Robyn Lee Post a comment

Chicago Tribune reviews the first Five Guys in the Chicago area in Oak Park, which just opened on Monday. "Cheeseburger Bureau Chief" Kevin Pan loved the Cajun spice-dusted fries the most, followed by the hot dogs and cheeseburgers.... More

Blog Goes Behind the Scenes of Five Guys

Robyn Lee Post a comment

How is a burger franchise born? Learn what goes into opening, running, and staffing Five Guys locations in Massachusetts by reading Six Guys' Blog, named after the four founders and two investors behind the franchisee Massachusetts Burger Enterprises.... More

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