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Umami Burger Will Open in the West Village on Monday

AHT: New York Nick Solares 7 comments

West Coast burger chain Umami Burger is set to open the first of three planned New York outposts next Monday in the West Village. The restaurant will be a sit-down, waiter service affair, with a full bar and cocktails. The menu will focus heavily on burgers and sides as one would expect, but it will also feature salads and possibly other sandwiches in the near future. Take a look through the slideshow at some of the burgers and cocktails » More

First Look: Shake Shack Opens Today in London

Ibrahim Salha 18 comments

The Shake Shack team have managed to take the burgers that many Brits have become familiar with on their travels and transplanted them closer to home. More

First Look: Smashburger Lands in Los Angeles

Damon Gambuto 10 comments

Smashburger officially opens today in Culver City. Here's a look at some of their regional menu items and how they make their burgers. More

First Look: U-Mini in Los Angeles Makes the Future of the Fast Food Burger Look Bright

AHT: Los Angeles Damon Gambuto 4 comments

The unstoppable Umami Burger turns its sights on the fast food concept with delicious results. More

First Look: Moo Burger, a New Organic Burger Joint in Brooklyn from 'Chopped' Chef

AHT: New York Erin Zimmer 16 comments

Moo Burger's menu is a little overwhelming—the kind in 8-point font that requires at least four whole minutes of silent reading at the table. In addition to sauce options you have 14 burger options, each with six organic meat substitution options. Chicken, bison, elk, turkey, ostrich, lamb, and a seventh non-meat, the veggie. In addition to the aforementioned meats and sauces, you can add toppings like avocado, pulled pork, brisket (meat on meat!), roasted peppers, wild mushrooms, bacon, or a fried egg. And did we get to buns yet? Brioche, sourdough, whole-wheat, or pretzel. More

First Look: Umami Burger Comes to San Francisco

AHT: San Francisco David Kover 8 comments

After five locations in Los Angeles and quite a bit of praise, Umami Burger is on the move. A new San Francisco location opened just over a week ago, and AHT got onto the scene to check it out. More

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