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Photo of the Day: Chocolate and Glazed Doughnut Burgers

For a slight twist on the regular doughnut burger, Nicholas Chen of My Inner Fatty made a batch with two kinds of doughnuts: double chocolate and honey glazed (bought from Tim Horton's). The double chocolate doughnut bun won points for being less sweet than the other doughnuts he tried: "Since the double chocolate donut uses a non-glazed cake base, it was just slightly bitter, and managed to hit the perfect spot in terms of sugar." More

The Hurler Burger

Photograph from This Is Why You're Fat The Hurler Burger, invented by Bob Phillips of Cape Cod, is an appropriate name for this burger made of a jelly doughnut stuffed with a canned cheese-topped patty. "I could finish this,"... More

Look! Googleburgers

Photograph by ccaviness on Flickr Not that you haven't seen these before, in some form or another, but this photo made the rounds recently and some people wanna see it on AHT. It's an array of Krispy Kreme doughnut... More

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