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Long Island City: A Taste of Greenwich Village History at Corner Bistro

AHT: New York Nick Solares 5 comments

The burger at Corner Bistro's second location in Long Island City is a taste of Greenwich Village history in a different borough. More

West Village: Is Corner Bistro The Most Overrated Burger in NYC?

AHT: New York J. Kenji López-Alt 36 comments

It may come as a surprise to long-time AHT readers and New Yorkers that we haven't really written much about Corner Bistro since Adam first reviewed it way back in 2005. Why is that, you might ask? Here's the dirty little secret: none of us here really like it that much. More

The Other Corner Bistro in Glendale, California

AHT: Los Angeles Damon Gambuto 8 comments

[Photographs: Damon Gambuto] Corner Bistro 6720 San Fernando Road, Glendale, CA 91201 (map); 818-291-0015; Cooking Method:Grilled Short Order: A low-quality, under-seasoned patty undermines what could have otherwise been a great burger. Want Fries with That? No thanks. Not terrible,... More

Frank Bruni on Corner Bistro and Shake Shack

Robyn Lee 17 comments

Left, Shake Shack; right, Corner Bistro New York Times food critic Frank Bruni eats at New York City burger favorites Corner Bistro and the Upper West Side Shake Shack in the same day, with Shake Shack being the home... More

In Videos: 'How I Met Your Mother' Burger Quest Recap

Allison Hemler 8 comments

Did you catch How I Met Your Mother last night? We did—and we loved it. In "The Best Burger in New York" episode, an unemployed Marshall sets out to find a burger he had in New York eight years... More

Tonight on 'How I Met Your Mother': Regis Philbin's Quest for the Best Burger in NYC

Adam Kuban 7 comments

On tonight's episode of How I Met Your Mother, Doogie Howser's character meets Regis Philbin at his gym, and they somehow get to talking about the best burger in New York City: It was the best burger I ever... More

New York Post Slams City's Beloved Burgers; New York Times Disses Cheeseburger Spring Rolls

Adam Kuban 13 comments

Today in the New York Post, Steve Cuozzo raves up Five Napkin Burger, but more interesting is his "overrated" list: Corner Bistro: "... not a dish you couldn't make yourself at home with supermarket meat." Right you are, Mr.... More

12 Burgers in 8 Hours, a Burger Bender

J. Kenji López-Alt 44 comments

Editor's note: Kenji Alt is a food writer for Cook's Illustrated magazine who takes a special interest in burgers. He is also a madman. You might remember his post on The Blumenburger, where he followed Heston Blumenthal's burger recipe, which... More

Best Burger Quote Ever

Adam Kuban 6 comments

"This burger is a wonder. It's thick, it's perfectly cooked, juicy and covered in cheese and bacon. If eating a burger is a sin, this burger is like going to Vegas with a hooker who you kill, stuff in your... More

Norah Jones on New York City's Corner Bistro

Adam Kuban 3 comments

Norah Jones, blogged to AHT from the Flickr photostream of liltree Friend of AHT Fred Schwarz emailed us with this heads-up. —The Mgmt. Here’s the opening paragraph from an interview with Norah Jones in the March issue of Blender... More

Dear AHT: My Manhattan Burger Week

Dear AHT Adam Kuban 3 comments

Dear AHT, I try to eat at least one burger a week. This past week, however, the burger got the best of me. I have long been a proponent of the P.J. Clarke's burger as the indisputable best burger in... More

Review: Corner Bistro

Adam Kuban 2 comments

What is there to say about Corner Bistro that hasn't already been said? Constantly landing at the top of most best-of lists when it comes to New York City burgers, they are delicious, if a bit hyped. The Corner... More

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