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The Burger Lab: How To Make The Ultimate Bacon Cheeseburger

The Burger Lab J. Kenji López-Alt 40 comments

If there is one universal culinary truth, it's that bacon is easy, which probably explains why I don't often order it on my burger. It takes the fun and the challenge out of the whole thing. Pretty much any burger's gonna taste good with a pile of crisp bacon on top of it, right? Well today we're throwing decency to the wind. I don't often eat bacon on my burgers, but when I do, I want them to be the baconiest bacon burgers I can eat. More

Burger Weirdness at Corner Social: Are Cheeseburger Spring Rolls Really Necessary?

AHT: New York J. Kenji López-Alt 13 comments

I've been keeping my eye on Corner Social, a new bar/restaurant on 126th and Lenox, ever since they first revealed their renovations a couple months ago. Of primary interest to AHT on their menu was the Cheeseburger Spring Rolls, an odd item that seemed to have the potential to be good if executed well. More

Feltner's Whatta-Burger Holds Steady in a Time Warp in Russellville, AR

Kat Robinson 11 comments

On any trip of any length, there is at least one must-stop detour to the destination. For travelers making the journey between Little Rock and northwest Arkansas, that stop is at Feltner's Whatta-Burger. This over 40-year-old burger joint serves custom made burgers, mammoth orders of french fries, thick milkshakes, and fried pies. More

Cheeseburger Flowchart

Adam Kuban 20 comments

We've linked to Wayne Geyer's cheeseburger list before, but it looks like we missed his awesome 'Cheeseburger Rules' flowchart: "Disqualifications: Miscellaneous — 'steamed,' 'char-broiled,' 'teriyaki-glazed,' 'in a pita,' and especially 'gourmet,' an insidous marketing gimmick developed by 'legitimate' restaurants in the 1980s...." More

Photo of the Day: Squeeze Burger with Cheese and Bacon

Robyn Lee 15 comments

[Flickr: Tom Spaulding] Although The Squeeze Inn in Sacramento isn't the only place that makes cheeseburgers with overflowing crispy cheese "skirts," it seems to be the most famous. The skirt on this Squeeze Burger with cheese is quite impressive,... More

Manchester, Connecticut: A Flawed But Classic Baby Boom Burger from Shady Glen

Nick Solares 12 comments

Shady Glen 840 East Middle Turnpike, Manchester CT 06040 (map); 860-649-4245 Cooking Method: Griddle Short Order: Unique preparation and decades-old pedigree make for a classic burger, but flawed beef make it hard to recommend unconditionally. Want Fries with That?... More

How to Make a Minted Chèvre Stuffed Gyro Burger

Robyn Lee Post a comment

[Photograph: Ben Frank] Although I've expressed an aversion to cheese-stuffed burgers in the past, this minted chèvre-stuffed gyro burger by Ben Frank of I Ate That might make me change my mind. Instead of a gooey center that most... More

Reality Check: Burger King's Double Cheeseburger

Reality Check Robyn Lee 13 comments

Note: In our Reality Check series, we take a look at fast food in the news and show you what it looks like in all its unstylized glory. Burger King's double cheeseburger has been in the news recently because of... More

Photo of the Day: Towering Homemade Cheeseburger

Robyn Lee 1 comment

Photograph from FourteenSixty on Flickr While browsing the burger world on Flickr (because that's what I do), my eyes locked onto Stephen's homemade burger. Fat patties! Fat tomato slices! Fat grilled onion slices! Four drippy slices of melted cheese!... More

Step-By-Step Photos for How to Make Cheeseburger Cupcakes

Robyn Lee Post a comment

You've probably seen cheeseburger cupcakes before, but maybe not step-by-step photos showing how to make them. Flickr member KateDW uploaded this lovely set of photos showing how to make cheeseburger cupcakes. [Thanks to all who shared this link with... More

Kenji Alt's 'Hand-Chopped, Dry-Aged, Grass-Fed, Beef-Fat-Basted, Bad-Ass Burger'

Robyn Lee 8 comments

Even the buns are toasted in beef fat! Photograph by Kenji Alt. Kenji Alt recently emailed us about his latest burger masterpiece: a hand-chopped, dry-aged grass-fed burger that is basted with beef fat as it cooks. Now you can... More

In Videos: Twilight...With Cheeseburgers

Robyn Lee 11 comments

This spoof trailer of vampire love story Twilight replaces human love interest Bella Swan with a cheeseburger while keeping most (if not all) of the movie's original dialogue. Result: it still works. Kind of. But now it's funnier! Watch... More

Grated Cheese Stuffed Cheeseburger

Robyn Lee 4 comments

The Houston Press's Robb Walsh makes cheeseburgers by taking advice from James Beard: mix shredded cheese with the ground meat, one cup of cheese for every two pounds of meat. He takes it one step further by adding a... More

Ultimate Stuffed Burger from Burger Burger

Robyn Lee 1 comment

Feisty Foodie Yvo of Feisty Foodie was initially annoyed when her Ultimate Stuffed Burger ($10.99 with fries or salad, and soda) from Burger Burger in the Financial District appeared to be missing barbecue sauce and cheddar cheese, but as... More

Baltimore's Best Burger at Kooper's Tavern

Robyn Lee 1 comment

Baltimore's best cheeseburger is from Kooper's Tavern, says Juliette Goodwin of Examiner.com. Every Tuesday is Burger Day where burgers are half price all day long.... More

Michelle Obama Makes a Cheeseburger Run

Damon Gambuto 6 comments

A cheeseburger from Five Guys. I was confident this new administration would make many decisions that were more in line with my tastes than the previous one, but I can't say I expected them to get it so right... More

Kenji Alt's Hangover Cure Burger

Robyn Lee 20 comments

Photograph by Kenji Alt Burger fiend Kenji Alt has shown you how to make other chefs' burgers—take the Blumenburger and the Radius Burger—but over at his blog, Good Eater, he's showing you how to make one of his creations:... More

Overcooked Burger Send-Back Success at Bacchus in Brooklyn

Robyn Lee 25 comments

The overwhelming response to my "Would You Send Back an Overcooked Burger?" post caused me, a virgin to sending back overcooked burgers, to keep the option in mind for future burger-eating excursions. During a recent meal at French restaurant... More

Cheese-Stuffed Burgers from the Stumble Inn in New York City

Robyn Lee 12 comments

Burger stuffed with American cheese and sauteed onions taken by Tina Wong. Tina Wong of The Wandering Eater features some cheese-laden burger porn in her review of the Stumble Inn, a restaurant that specializes in stuffed burgers, on the Upper... More

A Great Burger in London Hidden in Bodean's Barbecue Restaurant

Nick Solares 10 comments

Bodean's 16 Byward Street, London, EC3R, United Kingdom; map); 020 7488 3883; bodeansbbq.com Cooking Method: Grilled Short Order: A decent burger by US standards, a great burger compared to the other UK burgers I have sampled Want Fries with... More

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