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Chain Reaction: Burgerville

Portlanders sure are proud of their Burgerville, and in some respects that's justifiable. As the slogan goes, it strives to serve food that's "fresh, local, and sustainable" as often as possible. That means that most sides are seasonal, the beef's from Oregon ranches, and almost all the packaging is compostable. But while Burgerville may serve the eco-friendliest fast-food burger, it's a far cry from the tastiest. More

In-N-Out's Texas Expansion Featured in the Latest Issue of 'D Magazine'

The March issue of Dallas-based D Magazine features a cover story by restaurant writer Nancy Luna of Fast Food Maven on In-N-Out and its expansion to North Texas this spring. Current locations in California, Nevada, Utah, and Arizona are limited to 500 miles within In-N-Out's California meat-processing plant and distribution center; for their new stores in Texas, they're building a second distribution center, temporarily in West Dallas. More

Chain Reaction: Fuddruckers

Fuddrucker's slogan is "The World's Greatest Hamburgers," a phrase structure generally reserved for Grandpa's mugs and R. Kelly songs. It's an idiom meant to express "I know you're not really the world's greatest [grandpa/boss/burger], but you're mine, and you do a halfway decent job at that." My goal: to see if Fudd's burgers are at least as good at being burgers as my grandpa is at being Gramps. More

X-Tra Long Burgers Available at Burger King in Germany, Austria, and the Netherlands

For all those times you ate at Burger King and wished that your burger contained three patties laid out horizontally on a long bun, Burger King has the thing for you: the X-Tra Long. They started offering it in Germany before expanding it to Austria and the Netherlands. The Chili Cheese version topped with chile-cheese sauce and jalapeños is available in all three countries, while the Netherlands also gets the Rodeo BBQ version topped with barbecue sauce, cheese, and onion rings. More

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