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The Saddest Burger We've Ever Seen, From Dimly Lit Meals For One

Robyn Lee 17 comments

In all my years of burger blogging, this might be the saddest "burger" I've ever seen. If you've seen worse, do share. We shall race to the bottom in our search for the most pathetic burger on earth. More

Freshness Burger Invents a Wrapper That Acts as a Privacy Shield

Erin Jackson 7 comments

Freshness Burger, a Japanese burger restaurant, has invented a new wrapper that lets female customers dig into the largest burger on the menu without fear of judgment. More

Fill Your Screen With Infinite Columns of Wiggling Burgers

Robyn Lee Post a comment

Head to theageofmammals.com/burgers. Poke your mouse around. Revel in seconds of hypnotic burger overload. More

Get Burgers with Fried Mac and Cheese Buns in Chicago Until Sunday

Robyn Lee 6 comments

The latest union between burger and mac-and-cheese: a burger with fried mac and cheese patties for buns, available until October 6 at Rockit Burger Bar in Chicago. More

Disney World Sure Has Some Weird Burgers

Erin Jackson 8 comments

Burgers topped with everything from lump crab to peanut butter, jelly, jalapeño, and bacon can be yours at Disney World. There's a whole lot of burger weirdness right this way. More

The McEverything, a Tower of Every McDonald's Sandwich

Robyn Lee 18 comments

Behold the beauty/monstrosity of The McEverything, a stack of 43 McDonald's sandwiches—one of every kind available, including the breakfast sandwiches—into one precarious tower held together with bamboo skewers. More

Someone Made an Umami Cronut Burger

Robyn Lee 9 comments

It's a match made in trendy-NYC-food heaven (or hell): an Umami Burger with a bisected Cronut-for-buns. Yesterday, Matthew Schonfeld of First We Feast spent about five hours making this burger mash-up, starting at 6:38 a.m. when he got in line at Dominique Ansel Bakery for their limited number of deep-fried croissant doughnuts, and ending at the grand opening of Umami Burger's first NYC location. More

CheeseburgerOs, Campbell's New Cheeseburger-Flavored SpaghettiOs

Amalia Safran 12 comments

CheeseburgerOs is the first new SpaghettiOs flavor in over 20 years. Unsurprisingly, it doesn't taste much like cheeseburger. More

Video: Hands-Free Whopper Holder from Burger King Puerto Rico

Robyn Lee 2 comments

Burger King Puerto Rico celebrated its 50th anniversary by treating 50 of its most loyal customers to the Hands-Free Whopper Holder. Because, damn it, you shouldn't have to deny yourself the pleasures of eating a Whopper just because your hands are tied up playing a guitar/giving someone a tattoo/walking a pack of dogs/painting your nails/riding a bike/etc. The Whopper-eating never has to stop! Never! More

WTF: Lotteria's Ramen Burger Topped with 10 Extra Ramen Servings

Robyn Lee 5 comments

Behold the latest fast food burger tower monstrosity from Japanese blog RocketNews24: Lotteria's new Ramen Burger topped with 10 extra servings of ramen. More

Limited Time Anime-Watching Burger at Burger King Japan Is Just Meat and Bun

Robyn Lee 11 comments

For a limited time, Burger King Japan is offering a special burger meant to be eaten while watching anime. It consists of a grilled patty, a sesame seed bun, and...that's it. More

The Bread Cheese Bacon Double Cheeseburger, a Burger with Cheese for Buns

Robyn Lee 10 comments

This bacon double cheeseburger uses grilled cheese sandwiches for buns, but not just any grilled cheese sandwich. 100 percent cheese grilled cheese sandwiches. More

WTF: Burger King Bakuoni Burger Topped With 100 Slices of Grilled Onion

Robyn Lee 8 comments

From the people who brought you a Whopper topped with 1,000 slices of cheese and a Whopper topped with 1,050 strips of bacon comes this burger topped with 100 slices of grilled onion. More

Video: How to Make a Cheeseburger Ice Cream Sundae from Food Deconstructed

Robyn Lee Post a comment

What is a cheeseburger ice cream sundae? Cheddar and caramelized onion-flavored ice cream (enhanced with beef stock) topped with candied beef bacon and drizzled with ketchup-bacon-caramel sauce, according to this interpretation by Food Deconstructed. More

The Good and the Bad in Fried Burgers at the Texas State Fair

Robyn Lee 3 comments

AHT's Dallas correspondent Ewan Macdonald just wrote about 15 crazy fried foods from the Texas State Fair, two of which were burger-themed. In case you missed it, here are the burger highlights and lowlights. More

Video: Harvard Students Send the First Hamburger Into Space

Robyn Lee 4 comments

Ordinary objects that have been sent into "space" by weather balloons: an iPhone, a Lego man, a toy train, and most recently, a burger. More

Charlotte, NC: Burgers + Sushi = Unexpected Greatness at The Cowfish

Todd Brock 11 comments

The Taste Explosion Roll is not really a burger, and it's not really sushi, so I just assumed it would be...not really good. I was really wrong. It was unlike anything I've ever had, but with just enough of that "essence of cheeseburger" to be strangely familiar. More

Latest from White Castle: A Pallet of Nearly 7,000 Sliders for $25,000 (To Benefit Autism)

Robyn Lee 7 comments

Finally, that dream you never knew you had to throw a White Castle party for you and over a thousand of your closest friends can become a reality, if you have a ton of money. For $25,000, you can buy one of two Crave Pallets from White Castle, which includes 6,912 Sliders and 216 Slider-scented White Castle candles. All net proceeds will be donated to autism research. More

Twisted Root Burger Company Offers Discounts for 'Best Butt,' 'Best Looking'

Robyn Lee 43 comments

At Texas-based burger mini-chain Twisted Root Burger Company you can get a few cents off your order if your server thinks you look hot. Reddit user caraficionado24 posted this photo of a receipt from Twisted Root featuring 2¢ discounts for "Best Butt" and "Best Looking." More

WTF: A Whopper Topped with 1,000 Slices of Cheese

Robyn Lee 21 comments

From the people who brought you the Whopper topped with 1,050 strips of bacon, jello made of McDonald's burgers, and a Big Mac meal heated in a rice cooker comes a Whopper topped with 1,000 slices of cheese (aka, a bloated tower of cheese slices with Whopper ingredients on top and somewhere underneath). More

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