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A Blog of Burger Recipes for Every Country in the World

Learn about different cuisines around the world through the power of burger by reading Burgers Here and There, a blog documenting original burger recipes representing every country in the world—192 countries, as recognized by the United Nations. Burger blogger Linda Monach listed her guidelines for the project: recipes aren't necessary "authentic," but are inspired by the country's popular foods; ingredients are from local grocery stores, not ethnic or gourmet markets; and a burger is defined as a ground/shredded meat patty on top of a starchy base. More

Photo of the Day: Chocolate and Glazed Doughnut Burgers

For a slight twist on the regular doughnut burger, Nicholas Chen of My Inner Fatty made a batch with two kinds of doughnuts: double chocolate and honey glazed (bought from Tim Horton's). The double chocolate doughnut bun won points for being less sweet than the other doughnuts he tried: "Since the double chocolate donut uses a non-glazed cake base, it was just slightly bitter, and managed to hit the perfect spot in terms of sugar." More

Tokyo Burger Blog

Hamburgers in Tokyo is a blog about...well, you can figure it out. Unfortunately, the updates are sparse—a new review showing up only once every few months—but the photos are great and accompanied by plenty of descriptions. Check it out if... More

New Blog Alert: FastFoodCritic.com

I've been checking out the blog FastFoodCritic.com lately. It's a relatively new site that "provides news, reviews, prices, diet and nutritional information, food facts, plus original feature stories about fast food, the restaurants, and the quick serve industry." It's a... More

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