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Illegal Food Is Making One of Atlanta's Best Burgers Out of a Tiny Bar Kitchen

AHT: Atlanta Todd Brock 5 comments

The Hank is one of those burgers you can't put down, for two reasons. One, you know you'll never get a decent handle on it again if you try to reposition it. Two, it's that outrageously spectacular. More

The 'Influential' Burger (That Influences You to Order Chili Dogs Instead) at The Varsity in Atlanta

AHT: Atlanta Todd Brock 32 comments

Two chalky-brown industrial patties wedged between a flattened bun that hadn't even been fully split, with cheese that's not really melting so much as drooping with sadness at being exiled to this travesty of burgerdom. How is this "influential"? More

Expand Your Vocabulary and Get a Superb Burger at Ink & Elm in Atlanta

AHT: Atlanta Todd Brock 15 comments

Ink & Elm is pretty up front about wanting to be both "casual" and "comfort-driven," yet "refined" and a "destination." That can be a tough twofer to pull off under one roof. So it's not surprising that Ink & Elm's signature burger has a little Jekyll-and-Hyde thing going on, too. More

Creative Double Burgers and (Mostly) Solid Sides at Stax Burger Bar in Atlanta

AHT: Atlanta Todd Brock 5 comments

I enjoyed the food at Stax Burger Bar very much, but there's a residual odor that permeates this restaurant to the point that I can't just ignore it. My next visit will be in warmer weather so my nose can seek refuge on the sizable outdoor patio. More

Where There's Smoke, There's Lots of Good Stuff at Stillhouse in Atlanta

AHT: Atlanta Todd Brock 8 comments

While a quick glance may have you thinking that Stillhouse is a flash-in-the-pan gimmick destined to shut down once the next big thing comes along, there's actually quite a lot to like, for burger lovers and hooch heads alike. More

'50s-Style Fast Food Burgers Still Going Strong at Zesto in Atlanta

AHT: Atlanta Todd Brock 4 comments

Unless you're a diehard Big Mac fanatic, Zesto's Big Mac-like Chubby Decker would probably win a blind taste-test because it was cooked for you instead of just assembled. Otherwise, the food doesn't always live up to the legend; most who've grown up with Zesto give it something of a pass based on sheer nostalgia. More

A Killer Burger (with a Kooky Codename) at One Eared Stag in Atlanta

AHT: Atlanta Todd Brock 9 comments

Order the Meatstick and you'll get a pretty excellent hidden gem of a burger that, while not perfect, certainly has the foundation to be included in any conversation about this city's great burgers. More

Staff Picks: Burger Places with Great Beer

Erin Jackson 5 comments

Sometimes all you want is a great burger and the beverage that goes alongside it isn't too important. But other times, access to a wide variety of awesome beer is equally crucial to eating a delicious burger. For those times, we've compiled a list of a few favorite spots across the nation to simultaneously satisfy a craving for an exceptional pint and a delicious beef patty. Click through the slideshow to see all of our picks. More

12 Burgers with Unusual Toppings That Really Work

Erin Jackson 10 comments

Lettuce, tomato, onion, pickles...and maybe a squirt of mayo, mustard, or ketchup. The standard toppings will never cease to be tasty, but sometimes, you want a burger with a bit more personality. For those occasions, here are a dozen creatively-topped burgers that really work. Check out the slideshow to see all of the unique burger toppings. More

Atlanta: Enjoy Some Bark with Your Bite at Lucky's Burger & Brew

AHT: Atlanta Todd Brock 4 comments

Lucky's didn't win any Best of Breed awards in my burger book, but they do some solid pub grub in a canine-friendly atmosphere that's fun for two- and four-legged friends alike. More

Atlanta: Heavenly Burgers from a Jewish Deli at The General Muir

AHT: Atlanta Todd Brock 12 comments

You could argue that an exceptional burger was programmed into The General Muir's DNA from the very beginning. Both burgers here are so good that you'll find yourself scrabbling after all the bits and pieces of shrapnel. Just remember to add the poutine. More

Atlanta: Brunch Burgers Worth Waking Up For at Buttermilk Kitchen

AHT: Atlanta Todd Brock 10 comments

I know. It's a burger on a waffle. Surprisingly simple in its construction. But Dad's Waffle is superb in its execution. I didn't expect to be blown away by burgers at a brunch place, but Buttermilk Kitchen's did just that. More

Chain Reaction: Wild Wing Cafe

AHT: Atlanta Todd Brock 9 comments

The our-burgers-are-so-extreme-that-we-have-to-serve-them-with-a-steak-knife-plunged-through-the-center schtick is way overdone, but on my next visit to Wild Wing Cafe, there's a very good chance I'll do another burger. More

Staff Picks: Favorite Burgers for $5 and Under

Robyn Lee 23 comments

So far this year we've picked our favorite fast food burgers and fancy-pants burgers. Today, we're giving love to our favorite good, cheap burgers from local burger joints—nothing over $5 and nothing from non-local chains. Tell us your favorites in the comments! More

Atlanta: Seven Lamps, One 'Secret' Burger

AHT: Atlanta Todd Brock 3 comments

The hip Buckhead hotspot has a "secret" burger on the menu that's worth looking into, but judging by how many I saw walk out of the kitchen during my recent lunch visit, the 50/50 Burger may not technically qualify as a secret at all. More

Atlanta: A Mixed Bag of Burgers and Sliders at The Shed at Glenwood

AHT: Atlanta Todd Brock 7 comments

Hits include tasty Angus beef cooked beautifully, superb buns, and a few of the more conventional $3 slider varieties. But there are misses, too: limp fries, chewy onion rings, and some of the experimental snack-sizers...but that may depend on your opinion of beef tongue. More

Atlanta: Scratch Your Itch for Outstanding Diner-Style Burgers at Scratch Fresh

AHT: Atlanta Todd Brock 13 comments

While I don't keep stats on such things, I'm fairly sure I set a personal speed record for inhaling this fantastic burger. More

Atlanta: The Rusty Nail Pub Hits the Mark with Top-Shelf Burgers

AHT: Atlanta Todd Brock 3 comments

Based on outward appearances, you might not think The Rusty Nail has anything beyond mediocre pub grub. But when it comes to burgers, The Nail unfailingly exceeds whatever expectations you've brought in with you. More

Atlanta: Great Beef and Turkey Burgers with Gumption at Moxie Burger

AHT: Atlanta Todd Brock 10 comments

East Cobb has seen an explosion of growth recently. Now there's a legit neighborhood burger joint to go along with it...with exceptional beef burgers, and even a turkey burger worth ordering. More

Atlanta: West Egg Cafe's Burger Puts a Sweet Twist on PB&J

AHT: Atlanta Todd Brock 6 comments

It was the moment I first bit into the beefy-meets-creamy-meets-melty-meets-salty-meets-sweet-meets-squishy PB&J Burger that I truly fell in love with West Egg Cafe. More

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