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The Periodic Table of Burgers

Graphic communications student Rebecca Tarran created the "Periodic Table of Burgers" as her final piece for her foundation diploma. Her description: "Exploration of the chemicals and rubbish used in the burgers of the fast food industry." Elements include good ol' carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen...along with plastic bags, insecticides, and manure. View larger images of the table and the burgers at rebeccatarranportfolio.tumblr.com. More

Burger Art: Hawk Krall's Fried Onion Burger

Hawk Krall, combination AHT correspondent/hot dog correspondent/illustrator, recently posted on his blog about this awesome fried onion burger illustration that he made for American-themed burger joint The Burger Map in Sao Paolo, Brazil. The fried onion burger is originally from El Reno, Oklahoma, which celebrates this glorious marriage of caramelized onions and smashed beef with the annual El Reno Fried Onion Burger Day, this year held on May 5. More

Burger Thing: Cheeseburger on a Unicorn

Yesterday one of my favorite comic artists Anthony Clark, aka Nedroid, tweeted the awesome illustration above with the message, "I wish I remembered what this was about." I too would love to know more about the adventures of Cheeseburger and Unicorn as they ready themselves for a battle with Monolithic Demon Robot, but maybe it's ok that it stand on its own without explanation. More

Burger-Themed Pump Shoe Sculpture

[Photograph: roberttabor.com] Joining the ranks of burger-themed sneakers and sneaker-themed burgers is designer Robert Tabor's burger-themed pump shoe sculpture. "The Picnic Pump" is made of polymer clay, crystals, rubber, fabrics, and acrylics, and sells for $500.... More

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