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Video: Wimpy's Braille Burgers

Robyn Lee 1 comment

To promote their Braille menus, burger chain Wimpy in South Africa made burgers whose buns featured the name of the burger spelled in Braille in sesame seeds. This video shows how they made the buns and the reactions of the blind people who tried the burgers. (Strangely, the video doesn't seem to be for blind people; there's no voiceover.) More

'What Kind of Hamburgers Did Wimpy Prefer?' (And Other Questions)

Adam Kuban 3 comments

Today on The Awl, guest op-ed writer Jeff Johnson has many questions relating to J. Wellington Wimpy, the Popeye cartoon character whose iconic phrase lent itself (part of it, anyway), to the name of A Hamburger Today. Among them... More

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