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Wendy's Testing Premium 'Black Label' Burgers in Wichita and Columbus

Robyn Lee 7 comments

Wendy's is classing it up with a new line of Black Label Burgers—tagline, "The perfect harmony of signature taste and select ingredients"—currently being tested in Wichita, Kansas, and Columbus, Ohio. The quarter-pound burgers come in Bacon Portabella (with mushroom sauce, muenster cheese, three half-slices of bacon, thick tomato slice, and peppery sauce; $4.89) and Spicy Santa Fe (with guacamole, pepper jack cheese, mixed salad greens, thick tomato slice, red onion slices, and cilantro jalapeƱo lime sauce; $4.49), says GrubGrade. More

Reopening of Jack's North Hi Carryout in Wichita, Kansas

Robyn Lee Post a comment

The Wichita Eagle reports that the nearly 60-year-old Jack's North Hi Carryout reopened last week after being closed for the past few years due to a fire in 2007. The Wichita Eagle shares a slideshow with audio from the opening.... More

Wichita Burger Recommendations

Adam Kuban 4 comments

Wichita, Kansas, blogger Podunk Boy responds on his blog to our earlier post about burgers in the Air Capital: For those wondering where to get a burger in Wichita: Ty's Diner 928 W 2nd St. Takhoma Burger 803 N. West... More

In Our Crosshairs: Wichita, Kansas

Adam Kuban 3 comments

Just found this post on a board at Radio Gods Forum: a hamburger today: but somehow they've missed Wichita so far. Elitist wine-sipping Gotham pigs... Podunkboy [yes, that's the handle he posts under], never fear. My parents are moving to... More

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