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Follow-Up: Whatever Happened with the Hamburger Bed eBay Auction?

Adam Kuban 1 comment

The memetastic Hamburger Bed went up for auction on eBay earlier this month. The auction, which garnered 50 bids, closed on July 18 with a winning bid of $3,050. The buyer got the world-famous bed, its ancillary website, the... More

Hamburger Bed Being Auctioned Off on eBay

Robyn Lee Post a comment

Man not included. Photograph by Heather Leah Kennedy. Kayla Kromer is auctioning off her most famous creation, the Hamburger Bed (in my opinion, the most awesome bed ever) on eBay from now until Saturday, July 18. Aside from getting... More

Hamburger Bed Is the Most Awesome Bed Ever

Robyn Lee 3 comments

Photograph taken by Heather Leah Kennedy Now I know why I cry myself to sleep every night—it's because I'm not snugly tucked between the pillowy bun and cheese blanket of the Hamburger Bed (or Cheeseburger Bed to be more... More

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