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Chain Reaction: Joe's Crab Shack

AHT: San Diego Erin Jackson 9 comments

Joe's Crab Shack may be known for their big buckets and platters of shellfish, but there are also two burgers on the menu, which are surprisingly decent for a place that's focused on fish (though nowhere near exceptional). More

San Diego: The Bacon Jam Makes the Burger at Sea Rocket Bistro

AHT: San Diego Erin Jackson 4 comments

Sea Rocket Bistro's burger may feature a half-pound of 100 percent grass-fed beef, but the main attraction is the bacon jam on top. More

San Diego: Strong Drinks and Savory Burgers at Starlite

AHT: San Diego Erin Jackson 4 comments

Starlite serves up strong drinks and super savory burgers in a speakeasy setting where even the most innocent conversation takes on a layer of intrigue. More

San Diego: A Burger Topped with Cheese Curds at Davanti Enoteca

AHT: San Diego Erin Jackson 16 comments

Burgers at Davanti Enoteca have a lot going on, including bacon jam, aioli, and griddled cheese curds. More

Los Angeles: Burger Woes at The Escondite

AHT: Los Angeles Damon Gambuto 6 comments

I'm not so much enamored of The Escondite's whole "secret" restaurant thing. It's such a transparent coolness-grab that it seems vaguely untoward. That said, I've forgiven more than one "secret" burger for the simple reason that they were absolutely delicious. I headed downtown to The Escondite with the hopes that the outcome would be the same. Oh, how sad it is to have one's burger hopes dashed. More

San Diego: The $20 'Wild Style Burger' at The Lion's Share

AHT: San Diego Erin Jackson 9 comments

A duck egg, wild boar bacon, and fried shallots top this premium burger from The Lion's Share (with a premium price to match). More

Chain Reaction: BGR The Burger Joint

Chain Reaction Erin Jackson 10 comments

Dubious claims of TV fame, bland burgers, and boring fries make for a disappointing experience at BGR The Burger Joint. More

Chain Reaction: Rally's

Chain Reaction Erin Jackson 32 comments

Rally's seasoned fries are tasty when hot, but the burgers? Not so much. More

Chain Reaction: Hard Rock Cafe

Chain Reaction Erin Jackson 4 comments

At Hard Rock Cafe, massive 10-ounce burgers are the norm, and each location has their own "Local Legendary" interpretation. The burgers are surprisingly well crafted, though not flawless. More

San Diego: The View at George's is Killer, but the Burger Isn't

AHT: San Diego Erin Jackson 11 comments

George's Ocean Terrace may have the best view in La Jolla, but the grilled Niman Ranch burger was a bummer. More

San Marcos, CA: Burgers, Beer, and Aioli at Sublime Ale House

AHT: San Diego Erin Jackson 6 comments

The beer and burgers are great at Sublime Ale House, but it's the extensive selection of aiolis that make this North County gastropub really worth a visit. More

Mission Viejo, CA: Cheap and Cheerful Cheeseburgers at TK Burgers

Erin Jackson 11 comments

Find classic cheeseburgers and seriously thick shakes at this six-location burger chain in Southern California. More

Los Angeles: Grinding It Out in the Shadow of Greatness at Phil's Deli & Grill

AHT: Los Angeles Damon Gambuto 4 comments

Phil's manages to put out a solid burger that would be a worthy quick lunch option, were it not for the superlative Charlie's just a few steps away. More

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