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11 Burgers That Are Worth the Hype

The Serious Eats Team 41 comments

Famous burgers may not always live up to the hype, but mountains of praise have to be right sometimes. Here are some of our favorite burgers around the country that are worth the hype. More

Green Chile Burgers at Bert's Burger Bowl in Santa Fe

Chichi Wang 9 comments

[Photographs: Chichi Wang] Bert's Burger Bowl 4235 North Guadalupe Street, Santa Fe NM 87501 (map); 505-982-0215; bertsusa.com Cooking Method: Griddled. Short Order: The regular green chile cheeseburger is beefy and nicely charred. Kobe burger gushes with beefy, fatty juices.... More

Green Chile Burgers at Tune-Up Cafe in Santa Fe

Chichi Wang 6 comments

[Photographs: Chichi Wang] Tune-Up Cafe 1115 Hickox Street, Santa Fe NM 87505 (map); 505-983-7060; tuneupcafe.com Cooking Method: Grilled inside over a gas grate. Short Order: Save the calories and order a salad for a dollar extra. Want Fries with... More

Fat and Juice-Oozing Burgers at Bobcat Bite in Santa Fe Are a Bargain for the Quality

Chichi Wang 3 comments

"Extremely beefy and flavorful, each bite made me want more." [Photographs: Chichi Wang] Bobcat Bite 420 Old Las Vegas Highway Santa Fe NM 87505 (map); 505-983-5319; bobcatbite.com Cooking Method: Griddled on an on cast iron surface. Short Order: An extremely... More

Green Chile Cheeseburger at Atrisco Cafe in Santa Fe

Chichi Wang 7 comments

[Photographs: Chichi Wang] Atrisco Cafe 193 Paseo De Peralta, Santa Fe NM 87501 (map); 505-983-7401; atriscocafe.com Cooking Method: Grilled Short Order: The local, grass fed beef ensures great flavor, but the patty could have been juicier. Want Fries with... More

Top 5: Bill and Cheryl Jamison's Favorite Burgers in Santa Fe

Top 5 The Serious Eats Team 11 comments

Green Chile Cheeseburger from Bobcat Bite. [Photograph: Eating the Road] This week's Top 5 comes from husband and wife food-writing team Bill and Cheryl Jamison, four-time James Beard award–winning authors of more than ten cookbooks, and burger lovers who... More

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