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Cleveland: Stunning Burgers at The Greenhouse Tavern

Few will seriously dispute the claim that The Greenhouse Tavern is one of the best restaurants in Cleveland. And the build-your-own four-course meal might be the best value I've experienced at a higher end restaurant. If you're fortunate enough to check out chef Jonathan Sawyer's downtown establishment, it's definitely worth exploring the menu as much as possible, but passing over the burgers would be a huge mistake. More

Wendy's Testing Premium 'Black Label' Burgers in Wichita and Columbus

Wendy's is classing it up with a new line of Black Label Burgers—tagline, "The perfect harmony of signature taste and select ingredients"—currently being tested in Wichita, Kansas, and Columbus, Ohio. The quarter-pound burgers come in Bacon Portabella (with mushroom sauce, muenster cheese, three half-slices of bacon, thick tomato slice, and peppery sauce; $4.89) and Spicy Santa Fe (with guacamole, pepper jack cheese, mixed salad greens, thick tomato slice, red onion slices, and cilantro jalapeño lime sauce; $4.49), says GrubGrade. More

Video: 2011 National Hamburger Festival in Akron, OH

This past weekend was the sixth 2011 National Hamburger Festival in Akron, Ohio. This video from WEWS shows some highlights from the festival, namely deep-fried cheeseburgers (chef Scott Burford of Metro Burger described it as a combo of cheeseburger and funnel cake) and a bobbing-for-burgers contest where contestants bobbed as many burgers as they could in three minutes out of a kiddie pool filled with ketchup. More

Cincinnati: Terry's Turf Club, the Brightest Burger Spot in the City

Rarely does a Cincinnati restaurant inspire enough passion for locals to willingly wait in line to eat. For the past few years, Terry's Turf Club, which sits on a desolate stretch of Eastern Avenue not far from the Ohio River, has been the exception. Most everyone comes (and waits) for the burger. They wait in lines spilling onto the sidewalk, where on cold days a roaring overhead heater (which will slowly roast your brain if you stand under it for too long) provides temporary solace from the elements while boisterous crowds drink oversized Belgian beers, bottles of Bud Lite or blackberry cosmopolitans. More

Link Roundup

Yippee ki-ay, burgerlovers! It's time for another burger-link roundup! Enjoy, pardners! Give me your burgers! Arrrrrgh! Remember Total Recall? And how the Governator's character is looking for some Martian mutant resistance leader named Kuato? And how, at the end, it's... More

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