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Burger City Guides: Tony Maws' Favorite Burgers in Boston

You'd be hard-pressed to find a Bostonian with something negative to say after tasting chef Tony Maws' burger at Craigie on Main, featuring a big, grass-fed patty, ground up with bone marrow and charred on a plancha. The burgers Tony loves in his home city are the ones that strike a nostalgic chord in the chef's heart and palate, burgers that taste of his childhood and a time long-past—burgers so nostalgic, in fact, that one of them is sadly just a memory. Here are Tony's top five burgers in Boston. More

Burger Joint Coming Soon from the Wahlbergs: Wahlburgers

Chef Paul Wahlberg along with his brothers, actors Mark and Donnie, are planning to open a 4,300 square feet burger joint called Walhburgers in Hingham, Massachusetts, across from Wahlberg's Italian restaurant Alma Nove, says the Boston Herald. To get the name they had to secure the rights from Rochester-based burger chain Tom Wahl's, who menu features a burger called the Wahlburger (topped with Swiss, grilled smoked ham, lettuce, and special sauce). According to their Facebook page, Wahlburgers plans on having a soft opening in the middle of September and having their grand opening in October. More

Cambridge, MA: Charlie's Kitchen Is a Great Local Institution, Just Not For Burgers

Charlie's Kitchen in Harvard Square is correct in calling its double cheeseburger "famous." Charlie's has been around since 1951, and scads of historically significant people have walked by in burger-eating frames of mind. I bet Obama's had one of Charlie's double cheeseburgers, and all manner of Afflecks, Kennedys, and Wahlbergs are liable to have as well, along with tons of big-mouthed magazine editors and food bloggers. This is indeed one very well known burger. It is not, however, a very well made one. More

The Hurler Burger

Photograph from This Is Why You're Fat The Hurler Burger, invented by Bob Phillips of Cape Cod, is an appropriate name for this burger made of a jelly doughnut stuffed with a canned cheese-topped patty. "I could finish this,"... More

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