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Kansas City: Get One of America's Most Important Hamburgers at Town Topic

Nick Solares 23 comments

Town Topic opened its doors in 1937, but the locations hamburger heritage is even older than that—the turrets on the corners of the little shack on Broadway betray the fact that it was once a White Castle. And the hamburgers they serve there, more than 70 years later, are a cultural relic from that era: Small pucks of beef are pressed in to a searing griddle with onions, while the bun is steamed on top. More

Calling AHT Field Agents in Memphis and Kansas City

Nick Solares 4 comments

I recently took a road trip that found me, amongst other places, in Memphis, Tennessee, and Kansas City, Missouri. I ate a bunch of burgers on the trip, but there were a couple of places that I thought looked interesting... More

Photo of the Day: Town Topic Hamburgers in Kansas City, Missouri

Robyn Lee 8 comments

[Flickr: Pete Zarria] It may not be a drool-inducing burger, but I thought this photo of the fading neon sign of Town Topic Hamburgers in Kansas City, Missouri, by Pete Zarria on Flickr was lovely enough to point out.... More

Burger Mobile from the Westport Flea Market Bar and Grill in Kansas City

Robyn Lee 2 comments

Photograph by Chris Oberholtz of Kansas City Star Kansas City Star has awesome photos of the Burger Mobile that was unveiled yesterday at the Westport Flea Market in Kansas City, Missouri. They also have some backstory on the vehicle... More

Westport Flea Market's 28th Anniversary Bash and Burger Mobile

Robyn Lee Post a comment

Westport Flea Market in Kansas City, Missouri, is celebrating its 28th birthday today and tomorrow, June 15 to 16, by selling burgers and beer at 1981 prices—$2.99 for burgers and fries, and starting at 99 cents for beers. Profits will... More

Kansas City: Hayes Hamburger and Chili

Adam Kuban Post a comment

Hayes Hamburgers and Chili in Kansas City, Missouri, is quite a throwback. In business since 1955, the small roadside shack is known for its grilled-onion–laden burgers and hot bowls of chili. Patrons crowd in to the diner and sit... More

He Said: Winstead's

Hamburglar Hadley 6 comments

KANSAS CITY K.C.'s got Some Pretty Little Women and Some Pretty Crazy Burgers-AND I"M GONNA GIT ME SOME! --> There's very little the intrepid reporters at A Hamburger Today wouldn't do for our readers, just as there's very little I... More

She Said: Winstead's

Honey P. 6 comments

KANSAS CITY Welcome to the The K.C., bitch! Now slide those sliders over, and join us for some super-thin, perfect-in-your-palm burgers whose size and taste would make Wimpy weak in the knees. Slice fans will remember Adam K.'s pizza expedition... More

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