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Damon Gambuto's 14 Most Memorable Burgers in Los Angeles and Beyond

AHT: Los Angeles Damon Gambuto 18 comments

It's nearly impossible for me to imagine a world without burgers and only slightly less difficult to envision one without reviewing them here on A Hamburger Today. Sadly, the latter imagining is about to become a reality: I'm relocating back to my hometown of New York City and thus ending my Los Angeles burger column. More

The Chubasco Burger from Fini's Landing, One of Tucson's Best Burgers

Rita Connelly 3 comments

Fini's Landing may be best known for their beachfront theme and some pretty good fish tacos, but it's their Chubasco burger that's been garnering much attention of late. And with good reason. More

Burger City Guides: Paul McCabe's Favorite Burgers in Phoenix

Top 5 Erin Jackson 5 comments

Paul McCabe, Executive Chef at The Royal Palms Resort and Spa (including on-site restaurant T. Cook's) lets us in on his top 5 burgers in the Phoenix area. More

The Diablo Is in the Details at Diablo Burger in Tucson

Rita Connelly 10 comments

Diablo Burger uses local ingredients and grass fed beef to serve up good burgers in Tucson. More

Keep it Simple at Monkey Burger in Tucson

Rita Connelly 3 comments

Monkey Burger offers a wealth of toppings to go with their grass-fed burgers, but for the best experience you should ignore most of the toppings and keep it simple. More

Chain Reaction: Zinburger

Chain Reaction Rita Connelly 8 comments

Zinburger pairs great burgers with great wines, but it's worth the trip for the beef alone. More

Phoenix: Charred Chile-Topped Burgers at Gallo Blanco

Erin Jackson 9 comments

Gallo Blanco's chile-topped burger is fine if you want a sandwich where beef is one of many elements, but don't get it if you're hankering specifically for a burger. More

Phoenix: Burgers and Duck Fat Fries Done Right at The Wright Bar

Erin Jackson 6 comments

You might balk at the price of the Wright Bar's burger—nearly $16—but considering the fact that the burger is more than large enough to share, comes with a bucket-sized portion of fries, and you get to eat it while staring, slack-jawed, at some gorgeous scenery, it's a bargain. More

Tempe, AZ: Affordable, Appetite-Slaying Burgers at Lobby's

Erin Jackson 4 comments

If you want to get down on a no-nonsense, appetite-slaying burger dripping with sauce and piled with toppings at a price that rivals fast food chains, Lobby's is a worthy spot to do so. Just make sure to grab a wad of napkins before you dig in. More

Tempe, AZ: Get Smoky, Flame-Kissed Burgers at The Chuckbox

Erin Jackson 7 comments

In Tempe, The Chuckbox serves 1/3- and 1/2-pound burgers broiled over a flame powered by mesquite and charcoal. I can't say with complete certainty that it's the best burger in the Phoenix Metropolitan Area, but it's definitely up there. More

Scottsdale, AZ: Skeptical Chymist Has An Unbelievable Burger Deal

Damon Gambuto 12 comments

A Irish pub in Scottsdale serves up a solid cheeseburger and some exceptional fries. More

Scottsdale, AZ: The Oven-Fired Patty at Coal Burger

Damon Gambuto 13 comments

A new burger chain turns a pizza-cooking technique into a burger gimmick with some surprisingly good results. More

The Ultimate In-N-Out Secret Menu (and Super Secret Menu!) Survival Guide

J. Kenji López-Alt 195 comments

Anybody who's been halfway around the block is aware of In-N-Out's secret menu, which allows you a few custom options other than the regular hamburger, cheeseburger, fries, shakes, and Double-Double that appear on their printed menus. But the options don't stop there. Here's a rundown of everything you can get at In-N-Out, secret menu and beyond. More

Restaurant in Arizona Serving Lion Burgers for the World Cup

Robyn Lee 11 comments

Weird burger news of the day: Il Vinaio restaurant in Mesa, Arizona, is offering South African-themed burgers made of lion and beef today and tomorrow in honor of the World Cup for $21, says azcentral.com. There's no law against eating... More

Another Arizona Near-Miss Burger: Zinburger in Phoenix

Damon Gambuto 31 comments

When I head to Arizona for a burger, there seems to be some major political upheaval going on. The last time I reviewed a burger in Phoenix, President Obama had just been inaugurated and this time around, we've got news of a state law that seems almost certainly unconstitutional. I'm not jumping into a political discussion this go 'round, but while we're on the topic of what defines "American," let's talk about what makes an all-American cheeseburger. I tried a new spot in Phoenix called Zinburger. More

Dear AHT: Can I Get Status Check?

Dear AHT Adam Kuban 2 comments

Phoenix New Times Clicking in to the AHT inbox today, we've got a message asking one of the most frequent, hard-to-answer, mission-defining questions that we grapple with with every blog entry we post here. Subject line: "Is this even... More

Tucson's Burger City, a Burger Joint to Benefit the Arts

Robyn Lee Post a comment

Support the arts in Tuscon by getting a burger at Burger City, an eatery opened in December by non-profit organization Artfare as part of the Cultural Arts Corridor on 6th Avenue. All of Burger City's profits benefit Artfare. Their menu... More

By the Time I Get to Arizona: Delux Burger in Phoenix

Damon Gambuto 23 comments

"Never before has a burger review brought tears to my eyes. Thank you, your story was beautiful." That's one reader, Silvia, in response to this review. And, no, she's not joking. It truly is moving. Now don't you wanna read it? More

In Videos: Heart Attack Grill

Adam Kuban 39 comments

This Heart Attack Grill link seems to be making the rounds, with both Robyn Lee and I getting bombarded with emails. So, to appease and please the beefy masses, here you go. We are officially blogging it. CBS visits... More

Tomorrow, Free Burgers at Joe's Farm Grill in Gilbert, Arizona

Robyn Lee 2 comments

Tomorrow, November 5, Joe's Farm Grill in Gilbert, Arizona, is giving away free Farm Burgers (topped with cheese and griled onions), fries, and a beverage to the first 3,000 customers in honor of customer appreciation day. Visit between 11 a.m.... More

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