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Chain Reaction: The Cheesecake Factory

Chain Reaction Erin Jackson 27 comments

The Cheesecake Factory has over 200 different menu items, several of them burgers. I tried three different options: a classic burger, a Skinnylicious burger, and one topped with deep-fried macaroni and cheese balls and cheese sauce. More

San Diego: The Bacon Jam Makes the Burger at Sea Rocket Bistro

AHT: San Diego Erin Jackson 4 comments

Sea Rocket Bistro's burger may feature a half-pound of 100 percent grass-fed beef, but the main attraction is the bacon jam on top. More

Reality Check: Wendy's Son of Baconator

Reality Check Erin Jackson 18 comments

Wendy's new Son of Baconator burger is a scaled-down version of their original Baconator, made with two smaller patties, two slices of cheese, and four strips of bacon. More

Reality Check: 'Merica Burger at Slater's 50/50

Reality Check Erin Jackson 4 comments

The 'Merica burger from Slater's 50/50 features a 100 percent bacon patty, topped with bacon cheese, "bacon island" dressing a sunny side up egg, and (as if that wasn't enough) two strips of bacon. More

San Diego: Brisket Burgers at Leroy's Kitchen + Lounge

AHT: San Diego Erin Jackson 5 comments

In Coronado, Leroy's Kitchen + Lounge has created a flavorful burger made from 100 percent brisket that's ground fresh daily, in house. More

San Diego: The Red Door's Brunch Burger Really Satisfies

AHT: San Diego Erin Jackson 6 comments

The Red Door's brunch burger is one elaborate beast that comes together surprisingly well. Bacon, cheese, LTO, a fried egg, and Hollandaise sauce top a 1/2-pound patty. More

Reality Check: New BBQ Whoppers from Burger King

Reality Check Erin Jackson 21 comments

Burger King has released two new Whoppers for a limited time only: the Texas BBQ Whopper and the Carolina BBQ Whopper, along with sweet potato fries. Only one of these is worth your time. More

Burger Mash-ups: Del Taco

Erin Jackson 26 comments

Del Taco's burger offerings haven't changed in years, but you can make a few new versions using existing menu items. More

Berlin: Not-Quite Great Burgers at The Bird

Conor O'Rourke 18 comments

American-run burger and steakhouse The Bird claims to make Berlin's highest-quality hamburgers, and seems to have the credentials to back it up. But there's trouble in paradise. More

Chain Reaction: Morton's The Steakhouse

Chain Reaction Erin Jackson 18 comments

The prime burger at Morton's is no double-cut filet mignon, but at less than half the price, it's a reasonable compromise. More

San Francisco: Not Just the Same Old Burger at Park Tavern

AHT: San Francisco David Kover 11 comments

The burger they serve at San Francisco's Park Tavern is the same as the one on the menu across town at Marlowe. Did San Francisco need the same exact burger at different location? Absolutely. More

San Diego: The $20 'Wild Style Burger' at The Lion's Share

AHT: San Diego Erin Jackson 9 comments

A duck egg, wild boar bacon, and fried shallots top this premium burger from The Lion's Share (with a premium price to match). More

Berlin: Standing Room Only at Burgermeister

Conor O'Rourke 8 comments

Burgermeister occupies a building under the train tracks near U-Bahnhof Schlesisches Tor formerly used as a public restroom. Yeah, don't ask. The point is, now it's a damn fine hamburger restaurant. More

Chain Reaction: BGR The Burger Joint

Chain Reaction Erin Jackson 10 comments

Dubious claims of TV fame, bland burgers, and boring fries make for a disappointing experience at BGR The Burger Joint. More

San Francisco: Little Burgers in Many Flavors at The Sycamore

AHT: San Francisco David Kover 9 comments

Sometimes mini burgers can feel a bit too dainty to satisfy the primal urges of a burger lover. But with the multiple versions on the slider offered at The Sycamore in San Francisco, the result is a chance to a little variety to your dinner. More

San Diego: You've Got to Love the 3-Course Express Lunch at Jsix

AHT: San Diego Erin Jackson 13 comments

The three course prix fixe lunch special at Jsix in downtown San Diego is a pretty spectacular value. More

San Francisco: American Eatery, Where Tasty Meat Spends Too Long on the Grill

AHT: San Francisco David Kover 11 comments

Prather Ranch Meat has plenty of reasons to celebrate its own product. Their meat finds its way into some of the best burgers in San Francisco. So we met the opening of American Eatery, a restaurant designed to showcase Prather Ranch's meat, with considerable excitement. And then we had our hopes dashed by a cook who left our burgers on the grill for way too long. More

San Diego: Bunz Enters the Burger Fray in a Curious Location

AHT: San Diego Erin Jackson 7 comments

A new burger joint, Bunz, has opened in an unusual location: the on-site restaurant of a Days Hotel in Hotel Circle. More

Chain Reaction: Rally's

Chain Reaction Erin Jackson 32 comments

Rally's seasoned fries are tasty when hot, but the burgers? Not so much. More

San Francisco: Slow Club Demonstrates Why the Right Bun Matters

AHT: San Francisco David Kover 14 comments

San Francisco's Slow Club serves a consistently tasty hamburger. Which is why I was so surprised to discover they'd switched out their very nice bun...for an English muffin. Turns out they'd simply run out on that day. Disaster averted! But an abject lesson in why we should not overlook the humble hamburger bun. More

Encinitas, CA: Wiener Burgers at Dog House Diner

AHT: San Diego Erin Jackson 12 comments

Hot dog-shaped burgers at The Dog House Diner are surprisingly delicious. More

Chain Reaction: Hard Rock Cafe

Chain Reaction Erin Jackson 4 comments

At Hard Rock Cafe, massive 10-ounce burgers are the norm, and each location has their own "Local Legendary" interpretation. The burgers are surprisingly well crafted, though not flawless. More

Reality Check: Jumbaco from Jack in the Box

Reality Check Erin Jackson 23 comments

The Jumbaco from Jack in the Box isn't an official menu item, but you can craft your own double taco burger by ordering the Jumbo Deal. More

San Diego: The View at George's is Killer, but the Burger Isn't

AHT: San Diego Erin Jackson 11 comments

George's Ocean Terrace may have the best view in La Jolla, but the grilled Niman Ranch burger was a bummer. More

Palm Springs, CA: Grind Brgr Bar Boasts Grass-Fed Beef from Tasmania

Erin Jackson 12 comments

Grind Brgr Bar imports grass-fed beef from Tasmania, an island off the south-east coast of Australia for their burgers, but the effort isn't really worth it. More

San Francisco: The Very Tasty, Very Pricey Burger at Tyler Florence's Wayfare Tavern

AHT: San Francisco David Kover 12 comments

Celebrity chef. Hoity-toity restaurant. This can often be the recipe for hamburger disappointment. But at Wayfare Tavern in San Francisco, chef and TV star Tyler Florence delivers a top-tier hamburger. That is, if the hefty price tag doesn't turn your stomach. More

San Marcos, CA: Burgers, Beer, and Aioli at Sublime Ale House

AHT: San Diego Erin Jackson 6 comments

The beer and burgers are great at Sublime Ale House, but it's the extensive selection of aiolis that make this North County gastropub really worth a visit. More

Laguna Niguel, CA: Deemer's American Grill Is the Best New Burger Chain (That Isn't One Yet)

AHT: Los Angeles Damon Gambuto 12 comments

Deemer's American Grill, a new restaurant in Laguna Niguel, has found a burger formula worth replicating. More

Milwaukee: Zim's New Location Focuses on Burgers, But It Has Some Work to Do

AHT: Milwaukee Lacey Muszynski 4 comments

Zim's Bar and Grill recently relocated and shortened their menu, with an emphasis on appetizers and burgers. The kitchen opened in August, and with experience and a focused menu on their side, I was hoping for some really good burgers. In reality, they weren't anything special. More

Portland, OR: 'Paleolithic' Burgers at Dick's Kitchen Should Have Stayed in the Stone Age

AHT: Portland Adam Lindsley 25 comments

Salt. Without it, your precious all-natural grass-fed ground beef is nothing. Nowhere is this more painfully obvious than Dick's Kitchen, a bizarre pastiche of old-school '50s diners, greasy spoons, and upscale sit-down restaurants that works on none of these levels. More

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