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Dear AHT: In Search of Prexy's Original Recipe

"When I was an undergraduate at Columbia in NY I was crazy about a hamburger made at the chain Prexy's .Their first store was near the college at 115 St. and Broadway and then moved on to other locations in the city. We are talking '50s and '60s. There are no Prexy's left now, but many of us on the internet have been looking for the original recipe, unfortunately without success. There was simply no hamburger as good. Would you have any input?" More

Dear AHT: Great Smashed Burgers at Fat Boy Burgers in Grand Rapids

I'm new to Grand Rapids and in my quest to find a great burger, I found a great smashed diner-style burger at Fat Boy Burgers. You can tell by looking at the patty it's hand-formed. Actually, "formed" isn't really the word—it looks like they toss a loose clump of meat on the flat-top and smash it on the flip. They serve crinkle-cut fries, but they're thinner and crisper than the usual. More

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