Are These the Top 10 In-N-Outs in America?


In-N-Out at Fisherman's Wharf [Photograph: Brad Coy via Flickr]

The Daily Meal recently published their picks for the top 10 In-N-Out outposts in the country, from the always-busy location in Fisherman's Wharf, to a long-standing spot with scenic mountain views. Take a look at the slideshow, or scroll down for the full list, with a brief summary of why each location made the cut.

1: Baldwin Park, CA: This outpost got props because it's right next to the company store and a replica of the original burger stand.
2: Draper, UT: The Daily Meal says this location is quieter than most, which makes eating there "an almost peaceful experience". I don't know about you, but when I'm eating at In-N-Out, I can barely hear a thing. Those burgers are like noise cancelling headphones you shove in your face.
3: Las Vegas, NV: The In-N-Out just off the Las Vegas Strip on Dean Martin Drive earned a place on the list for being the perfect spot to celebrate victories and drown your sorrows. Also: when you bet on cheeseburgers, you never lose.
4: Sunset Boulevard, Hollywood CA: This location, right in the middle of Hollywood, was lauded for being efficient (including taking orders from those in line with iPads—something I've only seen at drive-thrus).
5: Upland, CA: You can eat your Double-Double at a picnic table with a view of Mount Baldy at this circa-1987 outpost. You'll have to dine al fresco though, there's no indoor seating.
6: Harbor Boulevard, Ventura, CA Located just off Hwy 101 (and an 8-minute walk from the beach), this location is primely situated.
7: Laguna Hills, CA: There's no drive-thru at this In-N-Out, but the dining area is extra big. That's good news if you want the sit-down experience.
8: Placentia, CA: This location also doesn't have a drive-thru, but makes up for it with lots of indoor seating and a "homey" atmosphere that sometimes gets a little rambunctious due to its proximity to Cal State-Fullerton.
9: Austin, TX: This location got a nod simply for bringing In-N-Out to the excited masses of Austin, including some emotional Calfornia ex-pats who reportedly "shed tears of joy as they took their first bite".
10: Fisherman's Wharf, San Francisco: This busy outpost was praised for its people-watching opportunities and waterfront location.


In-N-Out near LAX [Photograph: Glenn Beltz via Flickr]

Did your favorite location make the list? At the risk of the list getting even more California-heavy, the one outpost I think The Daily Meal missed is the In-N-Out on S Sepulveda Boulevard in Los Angeles (map), a short drive from LAX. There's nothing like eating a cheeseburger right before a flight (or just after landing) while planes pass directly overhead. Pro tip: if you have a long layover at LAX, you can hitch a ride on the Sepulveda Parking Spot shuttle, which drops you off at a lot right across the street from In-N-Out.

About the author: Erin Jackson is a food writer and photographer who is obsessed with discovering the best eats in San Diego. You can find all of her discoveries on her San Diego food blog On Twitter, she's @ErinJax

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