Balaboosta's goat cheese-stuffed "Lamburger" (AHT review) [Photograph: Robyn Lee]

Are you a fan of patties stuffed with delicious ingredients, like cheese, bacon, mushrooms, and sautéed onions, or would you rather have all of that good stuff on top or below the meat? Have your say in this week's poll.

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Bobby Blue Burger from Bobby's Burger Palace [Photograph: Bobby's Burger Palace]

Last week, we asked you to weigh in with your experiences at celebrity-owned burger restaurants. Here's what a few of you had to say:

I just want a regular burger. Great beef. Unseasoned on the inside of the burger. Salt on the outside. Well seared, not grilled. Flat, not spherical, no teetering bun. American cheese, plain bun or sesame seed bun... I couldn't care less who makes it. The Pope could make it, and if it is anything other than a normal burger, then I don't want it.


The only celebrity burger places I've been to are B Spot and Walburgers. B Spot is excellent, Walburgers is boring. There are too many good to great burgers in New York to choose a celebrity chef place over one of them unless the burger is known to be exceptional.


Been to Bobby's Burger Palace twice. First time I went was right after this particular location opened. Burger was cooked perfect and seasoned well. Loved it. The next time I went, a couple of months later. Horrible. Burger was way over seasoned and over cooked. And the fries were so heavily salted I couldn't eat them (and I love salt). I still debate whether to give it another try or not.


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