Poll: How Does the New 'American-Style Pizza-Burger' from Freshness Burger Make You Feel?


[Photograph: Freshness Burger]

When I read about the new American-Style Pizza-Burger from Freshness Burger (the Japanese chain behind the "Liberation Wrapper"), I had a lot of feelings.

On top of a focaccia pizza base, you get lettuce, a beef patty, tomato, a fried egg, American cheese, bacon bits, fried onion, and a drizzle of demi-glace. What are your thoughts? Let us know your initial reaction in this week's poll.

Results of Last Week's Poll


Hawaiian Burger from Islands [Photograph: Lauren Fimbres Wood]

According to last week's poll , the majority of AHT'ers (56 percent) are pro pineapple as a burger topping, while 44 percent are against the idea. I have to admit, I'm a little surprised (and even more committed to seeking out a worthy option locally). Here's what a few of you had to say about the subject:

Grilled pineapple and pickled red beets on a burger are absolutely delicious.


I never thought I would (I am a burger purist) but I had one (actually several) at a catered event on the north shore of O'ahu and I was a changed man. I don't know if it was the sea air, the very fresh pineapple charred or the incredible Big Island beef but it is now something I crave. I have yet to find a restaurant in SoCal (or anywhere else for that matter) that does it right...so I make them myself and they are good...really good! My last iteration was a mixed beef-pork burger topped with a spicy charred pineapple salsa and slices of triple cream brie (yes brie!!)...so weird, but so good!


For me, it's not so much a burger with pineapple, but rather a warm pineapple sandwich with beef patty. I just can't figure out how to like it.


Pineapple on burgers can be awesome but I feel like it's best when the burger itself is super greasy and slightly subpar—the kind of burger that needs something to liven it up. Then I'm all for pineapple.


Note: the poll remains open, so these numbers may shift slightly in the future.

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