[Photographs: Zombie Burger + Drink Lab]

In honor of Jim Gaffigan's sold-out performance in Des Moines today, Zombie Burger is rolling out a new burger called the "Undead Gaffigan." The burger is a collaboration with the comedian, who visited visited the restaurant in 2012.

Between two thick slices of grilled Texas toast, it features up to five patties (one for each of the comedian's children), cheddar cheese, bacon, baconnaise, and fried jalapeños—an ingredient that Gaffigan requested because he is a "hot Latina". The burger starts at $8.49 for a single. With five quarter-pound patties, it's $16.49.



The "Hell Pockets" ($9.29), a second Gaffigan-inspired burger, also sounds promising. It's topped with a house-made fried hot pocket (stuffed with ham, bacon, caramelized onion, and cheddar), cheddar cheese, fried jalapeños, and baconnaise on Texas toast. Chef Tom McKern says he is using a similar formula for the dough as the original McDonald's Fried Pie.

Knowing Gaffigan's feelings about Hot Pockets, he'll probably have to order one of each.

Want to try one of these burgers for yourself? You'd better hurry. They're only available today and tomorrow.

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