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Burgers generally come with the same veggies and condiments by default, but one thing I've learned by eating burgers with lots of different people is that it's totally normal to have a mild to intense dislike of at least one of the standard toppings. For me, it's ketchup (*shudder*) and onions (*gag*). How about you? Let us know which vegetables and condiments are permanently banned from your burgers in this week's poll.

Note: multiple selections are allowed, just in case there's more than one topping you can't stand.

Results of last week's poll


Rodeo Burger from Burger King (AHT Review) [Photograph: Lee Movic]

Last week's poll revealed that 72 percent of AHT'ers like onion rings on their burgers (while 28 percent do not). Here are some of your thoughts on the subject:

We were only given two choices, so I had to say 'no way'. I don't mind onion rings on a burger, but I like 'em thin, crispy and salty. I've never had a good burger that had thick rings in it.


Onion rings are okay on a burger, but onion straws are much better. A lot more crunch per bite than onion rings.


Bacon, cheese, bbq sauce and onion rings is pretty much the standard burger special here in the UK. Its a yay from me!


Note: the poll remains open, so these numbers may shift slightly in the future.

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