Weight Watchers Smart Ones Mini Cheeseburger

Someone's buying these pre-made, miniature, microwaveable burgers, or they wouldn't exist (right??) Are you secretly a fan? Let us know in this week's poll.

Results of last week's poll


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Last week, we asked which standard burger toppings you secretly despise. From the 3,500+ votes (and 74 comments—more than any other poll in AHT history!), we learned the toppings most shunned by AHT'ers secretly (or otherwise) are tomato (18 percent), mayo (15 percent), pickles (11 percent), and ketchup (11 percent), followed by lettuce (10 percent), mustard (10 percent), onion (9 percent) and special sauce (9 percent). Only eight percent of respondents had no qualms about any of the standard burger toppings. Here are some of your thoughts:

I just wish it wasn't such a pain to find a really solid burger without cheese. I don't eat cheese. Yes, I've lived a perfectly fulfilling life thus far. I just want a delicious, non-becheesed burger.


Pale, mealy, tasteless, out of season tomatoes do not belong on a burger. If I'm putting something wet on my bun it better be a flavorful, in-season, heirloom tomato.


Iceberg lettuce on a burger is an abomination. Mainly because anywhere that serves it uses the actual green leafy parts for salads, and you get stuck with a hunk of white stalk that's two inches thick, and it makes a big weird angle in the bun.

Hercules Rockefeller

No cheese, please. And for the love of god, NO BACON. Blech. A ring or two of red onion and a sprinkle of salt and pepper will do!


Ketchup does not belong on meat. It just ... doesn't.


Note: the poll remains open, so these numbers may shift slightly in the future.

About the author: Erin Jackson is a food writer and photographer who is obsessed with discovering the best eats in San Diego. You can find all of her discoveries on her San Diego food blog EJeats.com. On Twitter, she's @ErinJax

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