[Photograph: Kathy Freston]

With its meat-heavy menu, cobbling together a complete, filling meal at McDonald's is a tough proposition if you're a vegetarian. That's what health and wellness author Kathy Freston is hoping to change with a petition on change.org that calls on McDonald's CEO Don Thompson to add a "healthy meatless option" to the permanent menu. Freston says a plant-based protein alternative made entirely without any animal products would be ideal because it would appeal to vegetarians, along with diners who are allergic to lactose or eggs.

McDonald's debuted a veggie burger in 2000 (which flopped) and currently serves veggie wraps in Canada and Europe (along with veggie burgers in India), but in the US, meat-free items are mainly limited to a few salads and a handful of breakfast items. That's not going to cut it with Freston, who says she's looking for something "hearty and protein-centric", just like the sandwiches and burgers on the current menu, but made with plant-based proteins.

The petition, which currently has over 90,000 signatures, is more than half way to its goal (150,000 signatures). If you're all for McD's adding a healthy, hearty, meat-free option to its core menu, sign the petition to show your support.

[Via The Wall Street Journal]

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