Peter Luger, Brooklyn (NYC)

Burger from Peter Luger in NYC; (AHT review) [Photograph: Robyn Lee

Last week, we re-blogged Time's list of the 17 most influential burgers of all time, which drew a lot of comments from AHT'ers, most notably Chuckswagon, who created a Talk thread encouraging AHT'ers and SE staff to chime in with their own burger picks.

If you haven't already added your two cents, please do so. We'll use your nominations to put together a poll that will ultimately determine the (cue dramatic music) AHT Burger Hall of Fame!

Some of the suggestions so far include the green chile cheeseburger from Bobcat Bite, loose meat sandwiches from Maid-Rite, and the Peter Luger Burger (among others). Is there an iconic, influential, or ground-breaking burger you'd like to nominate? Head on over to the talk thread!

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