Rodeo Burger from Burger King (AHT Review) [Photograph: Lee Movic]

Onions are a standard burger topping, and onion rings are a popular side order, so it stands to reason that onion rings would work really well right between the patty and the bun. What's your position on using onion rings as a burger topping? Let us know in this week's poll.

Highlights from last week's Open Thread


[Photograph: Slater's 50/50]

Last week, we asked you about your burger breaking point. Weird bun alternatives (like grilled cheese or ramen noodles), overloaded toppings, and patties made from turkey, tofu, or pork all got called out. Here are a few highlights from the comments section:

Black bean burgers. I've always hated black beans because of the aftertaste they leave in my mouth. Even if the doctor says I have to eat vegetarian, I still wouldn't eat black burgers. Toppings-wise, whatever I hate; beets, onions, yams, etc.


For me it's when there's too many things total on the burger. I'm happy to swap out ingredients (i.e., pork for beef and so on)....but if it adds up to more than half a pound of main ingredient, with the equivalent of lettuce, tomato, onion, cheese, bacon and a sauce on a bun then I'm probably out. I feel like that leaves a lot of room to play when someone wants to get inventive.


As much as I love a good fried-egg sandwich, eggs on burgers are a bridge too far for me. Otherwise, pretty much anything (including fries on the burger, although it's hard to execute well) goes.


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