A Table of Burgers

A table of burgers at Umami Burger; (AHT review) [Photograph: Nick Solares]

When the calendar rolls over to a new year, it's time to make plans, set goals, and come up with a resolution or two. So, when it comes to burgers, are you resolved to eat more, fewer, or the same number in 2014? Let us know in this week's poll.

Results from last week's poll

Bacon and Beef Burger from Magnolia Tap + Kitchen

Bacon burger from Magnolia Tap & Kitchen in San Diego (AHT review) [Photograph: Erin Jackson]

The results of last week's poll revealed that 37 percent of AHT'ers never eat a burger without a slice of cheese, while only 18 percent of AHT'ers said they always opt for a plain, cheese-free burger. Between the two extremes, 25 percent of respondents said they rarely eat a burger sans cheese, and 19 percent of respondents said they go cheese-less about half of the time. Here are some of your thoughts on the merits of cheese vs. no cheese:

Never. And not just because I'm anti-lactose. It's too strong a flavor. Only garbage burgers need cheese, any half good burger stands alone.


It depends whether I think the restaurant's cheese adds anything to the burger or not. If it's American cheese slices, I will skip it. If it's cheddar or swiss, and it's part of the concept for a combination of ingredients, I'll get it. At home, I almost never put cheese on burgers.


Almost always with cheese, otherwise I have to load it with ketchup, mustard, and relish. Usually cheese is good enough for me.

Missy E.

Note: the poll remains open, so these numbers may shift slightly in the future.

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