C1 Espresso's tube delivery system [Video stills: Daniel Tobin for The Press]

A café in Christchurch, New Zealand, is giving "fast food" a new meaning. Sam Crofskey, owner of C1 Espresso, is installing a system of pneumatic tubes that will deliver stainless steel canisters packed with three mini burgers and a side of fries from the kitchen to hungry customers at 87 MPH. An existing set of tubes is already being used to speed order tickets from the dining area to the kitchen, but the burgers will be delivered via separate, dedicated tubes designed to carry heavier loads.

The complete installation is expected to take a full year, but Crofskey says six additional tables will be rigged to the system of tubes by the end of January.

Check out the video to see the tubes in action:

[via Eater]

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