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The internet is full of stuff for the burger lover on your list. T-shirts, headphones, cufflinks, banks, and more, there's a ton to choose from. For this year's round-up of gifts, I went deep into the seemingly infinite abyss of burger goods, ultimately editing down all the potential items to a comprehensive assortment of fun and mostly frivolous gifts, which range from decorative accessories to a burger topping you've got to try before 2013 is through.

Almost everything here hasn't been mentioned in previous years' guides. For more inspiration, check out Kenji's gift guide for the burger maker, or Robyn's guides from 2009, 2010, 2011, and last year.

Stuff-a-Burger Kit


[Photograph: Sur La Table]

Got a burger lover on your list that likes to cook up crazy new concoctions? Tell them to stuff it, and by "it," I mean ground beef. This Stuff-a-Burger Kit from Sur La Table lets the burger lover on your list pack a patty with tasty fillings, like caramelized onions, shredded cheese, and jalapeƱos (just as a for instance). The kit includes a grilling basket and a convertible burger press that makes stuffed burgers in two sizes (1/2- or 3/4-pound). Sur La Table, $23.96 (on sale;, regular price, $32)

Skillet Bacon Spread


[Photograph: Skillet]

Ever tried bacon jam on a burger? The supercharged spread packs an intense punch of sweet/savory/salty/fatty flavors that'll blow your hair back. Skillet, a restaurant in Seattle, is a great place to score some. Pick up a container of original or fennel and black pepper directly from the restaurant's website (10.5 ounces, $14.99), or from several retailers, including Sur La Table (7 ounces, $9.95).

Burger T-Shirts


[Photographs: burgerjunkies.com, Amazon ]

There's a lot of burger shirts out there, but few express an undying love of burgers better than these two. Show the world how much you love burgers with this "I Love Hamburgers" shirt from Burger Junkies ($17), or let everyone know your firm stance on what type of burgers you will (and won't) grill with this statement shirt from AM T-shirts on Amazon ($19-27).


[Photograph: Shake Shack]

Shake Shack's new online store also has a ton of cool t-shirts, but I'm stuck on this onesie ($18). If only it came in my size.

Burger Boxer Briefs


[Photograph: Target]

These silly boxers emblazoned with burgers and fries make a great gag-gift...that your giftee will actually love (and wear!) Target, $5.99

3D Hamburger Cufflinks


[Photograph: Amazon]

When a fancy dress-code means you can't bust out your hamburger tie, these diecast hamburger cufflinks will do the trick. Amazon, $43.96

Burger Pet Tag


[Photograph: Cropscotch on Etsy]

This engravable laser-cut wood pet tag would also make a pretty sweet keychain, zipper pull, or necklace charm. The custom order item is typically engraved with a pet's name and phone number, but I bet they'd put something less traditional, like "in case of emergency, feed me a burger!" instead. Etsy, $15.99

Burger Bank


[Photograph: Target]

Store your change with this hamburger bank, then spend it on more burgers. It's the gift that keeps on giving. Target, $12.99

Hamburger Bean Bag Chair


[Photograph: Urban Outfitters]

I'm no interior designer, but I'm pretty confident that no matter what decor you've got, this hamburger bean bag chair would be just the thing to pull a room together. Urban Outfitters, $98

Cheeseburger Stereo Headphones


[Photograph: Hot topic]

These cheeseburger headphones are natural conversation starters, and the perfect device to listen to "Oh My Dayum" on a never-endling loop. Hot Topic, $16.09 (on sale)

Double Cheeseburger Cellphone Case


[Photograph: Zazzle]

There are plenty of cellphone cases emblazoned with burgers, but the styling of this fabric-covered case is especially cool. Zazzle, $11.95

Happy Burger Patch


[Photograph: WondersofWorlds on Etsy]

This 4" iron or sew-on patch makes a great stocking stuffer and is small (and light) enough to mail inside a holiday card. Etsy, $4.99

About the author: Erin Jackson is a food writer and photographer who is obsessed with discovering the best eats in San Diego. You can find all of her discoveries on her San Diego food blog EJeats.com. On Twitter, she's @ErinJax

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