Blue Cheese, Beer & Bacon "Ham"burger from The Eatery

Ham topped cheeseburger from The Eatery (at the 2013 Sacramento Burger Battle) [Photograph: Erin Jackson]

One way to make a burger stand out is to double the meat, adding an additional protein like pulled pork, pastrami, roast turkey, or in the case of the burger above, sliced ham. But, in your opinion, does it make the burger better? Let us know your thoughts in this week's poll.

Since bacon is such an established burger topping, feel free to answer "no way", even if you're a fan of bacon cheeseburgers. By "two proteins," I really mean beef and something more unusual than bacon. If you fall somewhere in the middle of "way" and "no way", go ahead and vote with whatever your typical preference is, and let us know what the exceptions to the rule are in the comments.

Results from last week's poll

Veggie Burger at Southpaw Social Club

à la carte veggie burger at Southpaw Social Club; (AHT review) [Photograph: Erin Jackson]

With 72 percent of the vote, the results of last week's poll are clear: AHT'ers believe that burgers should come with fries (or another side) by default. Only 28 percent of votes were pro à la carte burgers.

Here's what a few of you had to say:

I like it when you are able to order fries a la carte. Hubby and I will each order a burger and an order of fries to share. Some of the restaurants in our area serve a ridiculous amount of fries with each burger, so one order to share is quite enough.


I expect a side with my burger. If there are options, fantastic, but a side should exist. It's not an issue of too much food (there's no such thing) but rather expectations. I'd understand if the burger was, let's say, $6-8, but $12 burger and no fries? Steep.


Once the price is into the double digits, I expect a burger to be a meal, and that means a side of some sort.


Note: the poll remains open, so these numbers may shift slightly in the future.

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