[Video stills: KFC layered beef burger commercial]

KFC China recently debuted a brand-new sandwich: the layered beef burger. It's made with six layers of thin-sliced beef, and topped with cheese, lettuce, and mushrooms on a sesame seed bun. In a meal, with two spicy chicken wings and a drink, it'll cost you 31 yuan (approximately $5 US), or 16 yuan à la carte (approximately $2.60).


Layered beef burger promo. [Photograph: KFC]

According to AHT's official Chinese-language translator (AHT Editor Robyn Lee's mom!), the commercial says that the traditional way of cooking hamburgers results in a loss of moisture, but the new way (stacking multiple layers of thinly sliced hamburgers) keeps the meat tender and juicy. Take a look at the video for a closer look:

[Video: youku.com]

The new burger isn't the only beef item on the menu. There's also a beef wrap, Hungarian style beef stew with rice, and black pepper steak with rice. Even so, I think I'd stick with the Chuanxiangyou double chicken burger, with peppers, peanuts, lettuce, and a Sichuan sesame sauce. How about you?

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