Black Ninja Burger Coming to Burger King Japan


[Photograph: Burger King Japan]

Burger King Japan will soon have a new black bunned burger on the menu. The Kuro Ninja Burger (or "Black Ninja Burger") is similar to the kuro burger that debuted last September to celebrate the chain's 5-year anniversary, but with a few exciting additions.

Between a bun blackened by bamboo charcoal, there's a beef patty, lettuce, mayo, tangy onion-garlic soy sauce, a crisp hash brown patty, and a protruding "tongue" made of thick, ham-like bacon, striped with grill marks, which makes it look a bit like the mascot from the advertising campaign (seen below).


[Photograph: Burger King Japan]

Our best theory about what's up with the cheeky ninja comes from Emily Koh, who says in Japan, kids will often say "beeda" (pronounced "behhhh-da") when they stick out their tongue in a taunting manner. On the promo poster, "behhhh-da" is used as a pun for bacon ("behhh-kon" in Japanese).


[Photograph: Burger King Japan]

The burger (a limited-time special) makes its debut on October 25, and costs ¥680 (approximately $7 US). Customers who purchase a combo for an additional ¥150 will also get a set of free Kuro Ninja stickers.

If you miss your chance to try one (or are just not feeling the black bun), there's always the Big Bacon Whopper, which also has the same toppings (minus the sauce) on a sesame seed bun.

There's no word on whether the ninja burger will make it to Burger King locations in the US. For now, it looks like the french fry burger is as exciting as things are going to get for BK's American customers. Booo.

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