'Bob's Burgers' Renewed for a 5th Season


[Photograph: FOX.com]

Fans of Bob's Burgers have two reasons to be excited: the fourth season of the animated comedy centered around the Belcher family and their burger shop is now airing; and FOX has already approved a fifth season of 22 episodes.

If you missed the season premiere episode, "A River Runs Through Bob", you can catch up on Hulu, FOX.com, or iTunes.

Here's a clip, and some other highlights from the series. Note: if you're watching at work, you'll definitely want to put on your headphones before playing the last clip.

Season four preview: "Unprepared"

[Video: Animation Domintion on YouTube]

Tina Discovers Espresso

[Video: Animation Domintion on YouTube]

Gene's Tablescaping Win

[Video: Animation Domintion on YouTube]

Linda's Art Crawl Nightmare

[Video: PThack88 on YouTube]

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