two8two Bar & Burger, Brooklyn (NYC)

Billy burger from two8two Bar & Burger; AHT review [Photographs: Sam Levison]

If there's one thing in this world that makes me gag even more than ketchup, it's a thick slab of raw, white onion. When I'm reviewing burgers for AHT, unless the onion is caramelized within an inch of its life or perfectly pickled, its lifespan on my burger only lasts as long as it takes to capture a photo—if that. Lately, I've been wondering how AHT'ers feel about onions. Do you like them grilled, caramelized, in jam form, straight-up, or just not at all? Let us know in this week's poll.

Results from Last Week's Poll


Fried egg, cheese and jelly-topped doughnut burger from Slater's 50/50 [Photograph: Slater's 50/50]

Last week, we asked you to weigh in on doughnut burgers. Here are what a few of you had to say:

Way. There's something about the way the yeasty, fluffy interior of a donut takes on the beef juices which makes it outstanding. Add in a caramelized glaze and gooey cheese and it's one of those things that is messy as hell to eat but oh so good.

A Cereal Eater

The only use of doughnuts as sandwich material should be for the ultimate expression of breakfast sandwich gluttony. The burger deserves better. I'll stick with my Martin's potato rolls.


Back in the day, before this was a common fair food, a friend and I had a leftover chocolate cake doughnut and a leftover burger patty. Cut the doughnut in half, added the patty, no other toppings—it was great. My theory is that the naysayers have only tried the glazed-yeast-doughnut-burger, which is obviously not the correct type of doughnut to use.


Poll Results

The majority of AHT'ers (52 percent) want nothing to do with doughnut burgers. Only 19 percent of AHT'ers said they are totally into the sweet/savory combo of a doughnut and a beef patty, and 29 percent of respondents said they might try one if they are looking for something new and exciting.

Note: the poll remains open, so these numbers may shift slightly in the future.

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