[Photograph: all-You-Can-Eat Press]

All-You-Can-Eat Press, makers of the New York Doughnut Map, just came out with a new map for us beef-lovers: the New York Burger Map! The map features 41 of New York best burger destinations—including J.G. Melon, Shake Shack, two8two, The Little Owl, and Brindle Room, to name some of our favorites—and organizes them in a lovely fold-out map, along with burger descriptions and a burger history timeline.

Click to enlarge.

You can buy the New York Burger Map for $8 at allyoucaneatpress.com. They're also selling a burger postcard set for $6.

Thanks to the generous folks at All-You-Can-Eat Press, we have five maps to give away to AHT'ers! For a chance to win, just answer in the comments: What other food maps would you most want to see?

Contest will end and comments will close at 5 p.m. ET, Tuesday, July 9, 2013. One entry per community member. Five winners will be chosen at random. Winners may be located anywhere in the world. Standard Serious Eats contest rules apply.

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