Slideshow: A Hamburger Tuesday: Chorizo, Bacon-Stuffed, Hot Brown, and More

Chorizo Cheeseburgers from mikeyg83
Chorizo Cheeseburgers from mikeyg83

"For the 4th of July I made these 3:1 chuck-to-pork chorizo blend burgers, topped with lettuce, tomato, white American cheese, and a smear of homemade Shake Shack sauce. Breaking one of Kenji's primary tenets, I had to use store-ground meat for both time and cost. Nonetheless these burgers were a huge hit!" —mikeyg83

Bacon and Onion Stuffed Turkey Burgers from Hindy Garfinkel
Bacon and Onion Stuffed Turkey Burgers from Hindy Garfinkel

"Fabulous turkey burger stuffed with crisped bacon and caramelized onions, grilled to perfection. Topped with avocado, mushrooms, onions, and more bacon. This burger is an explosion of flavor in your mouth!" —Hindy Garfinkel, Confident Cook, Hesitant Baker

Cheeseburger with Onions, Pickled Jalapeños, and Enchilada Mayo Sauce from Alex Wood
Cheeseburger with Onions, Pickled Jalapeños, and Enchilada Mayo Sauce from Alex Wood

"Fresh ground 80/20 beef cooked in a cast iron skillet, topped with sautéed onions and pickled jalapeños, 2 slices of American cheese, pickles, and a burger sauce made from some mayo and enchilada sauce (which turned out to be an awesome combination)." —Alex Wood

Mozzarella-Stuffed Burger from KTC
Mozzarella-Stuffed Burger from KTC

"This monstrous burger is stuffed with homemade mozzarella cheese, topped with balsamic tomatoes, and served on garlic bread. You can see more pictures as well as instructions on how to make your own mozzarella cheese at my blog." —KTC

Hot Brown Burger from Tipsykit37
Hot Brown Burger from Tipsykit37

"This is Kenji's Hot Brown burger recipe. A few changes I made: I made the burgers oval shaped to fit on cottage bread. They were cooked in bacon fat in a cast-iron skillet. I crumbled up the bacon so it would be easier to eat. And I put a healthy dose of Frank's RedHot in the sauce. This was definitely a heart attack on a plate!" —Tipsykit37

The Bork from sueobryan
The Bork from sueobryan

"We call this burger 'The Bork,' named after our favorite grind at our favorite butcher Lindy and Grundy in L.A. The technique includes many important tips and/or suggestions I've learned on A Hamburger Today, including forming the patties loosely, frying them in bacon grease in a screaming hot cast iron skillet, NOT flattening the patties with a spatula during cooking, and NOT flipping the burgers for at least 2 minutes to allow for crust formation." —sueobryan


1 pound ground "bork" (50% ground beef, preferably mixture of chuck, shoulder, brisket, short rib, and 50% ground bacon)
1 tbsp bacon grease
1 tbsp Harissa paste
2 slices red onion
Several slices fresh pickle (I like Sonoma Brinery brand)
1/2 head chiogga radicchio, cut into 4 wedges
4 tbsp lightly salted butter
2 bakery buns (preferably fresh)
2 pieces Frico (fried parmesan crisps—you can purchase at specialty food shops and also Whole Foods, or make your own by simply sautéing grated 2 x 2 heaping tbsp. parmesan onto a non-stick or cast iron skillet for approximately 2 minutes, then removing with spatula to a rack to cool, or a silpat mat)


Heat skillet over medium high heat and add butter.

Add radicchio, sauté for 3 minutes on one side, add balsamic vinegar and cook 1 more minute, flip onto other side and cook 3 minutes, adding water if necessary to prevent sticking/burning. Remove from heat.

Mix 1 pound ground beef/bacon with 1 tbsp harissa paste and loosely form 2 patties.

Heat cast iron skillet on high for 2 minutes, add bacon grease and heat for 1 minute.

Add patties and let cook on one side for at least 2 minutes, cook to desired doneness.

Toast bun halves with 2 tbsp butter.

Assemble burgers:
Bottom bun, slice onion, pickle
Burger patty, 2 radicchio wedges, frico
Top bun