[Image: Benjamin Escobar for The Oinkster]

AHT favorite The Oinkster in Los Angeles is holding its 3rd Annual Burger Week starting next Monday, June 3, to Sunday, June 9. Each day a special burger will be available only for that day. Here's the line-up:

  • Monday: Wendy's Baconator, aka Oinkonator
    Two 3-ounce square beef patties, American cheese, 6 strips of bacon, ketchup, and mayo on a kaiser bun.
  • Tuesday: Bob's Big Boy aka Nino Grande
    Two 3-ounce beef patties, American cheese, Big Boy Relish, mayo, and shredded lettuce on a triple bun.
  • Wednesday: BURGERLORD of the Rings
    5-ounce beef patty, homemade onion rings, sriracha cream cheese, pineapple ring, and teriyaki sauce on a bagel Bun
  • Thursday: Grill 'Em All Weedeater
    Half-pound patty, jalapeƱo bacon, cheddar, Funyuns, garlic aioli, and seared pulled pork (in Mosh Pit BBQ Sauce)
  • Friday: Lumpia Burger aka Thrilla From Manila
    5-ounce pork patty with shrimp and mushrooms in a lumpia wrapper, green papaya relish, pork belly, and sweet Thai sauce on a pan de sal bun
  • Saturday: Bell Beefer aka Doritos Bell Beefer
    Taco seasoned, Dorito crusted, 5-ounce beef patty with shredded cheddar, lettuce, pico de gallo, ranch dressing, and Tapatio on a burger bun
  • Sunday: McDonald's McRib aka McRibster
    Baby back ribs with BBQ sauce, pickles, and onions on a French roll

Due to Burger Week's popularity, they've got some ground rules:

  • No substitutions or modifications
  • We will stop the line 30mins before we close each night (Sun-Thurs: 9:30PM Fri & Sat 10:30PM)
  • People can line up as early as they'd like (doors open at 11AM every day)
  • No saving tables
  • No Phone or online orders 6/3 - 6/9
  • 1 button per burger

If you're an Oinkster devotee, you can participate in their 7 Day Burger Week Challenge to earn a BURGERLORDS shirt. Here are the rules for the challenge:

  • You must be present to eat all 7 burgers.
  • You will receive 1 wristband with the purchase of each qualifying burger.
  • You must be present to receive your wristband by a cashier at the time of purchase.
  • You must wear all 6 wristbands through the week to redeem the final prize.
  • With the purchase of the 7th and final burger we will cut off your 6 wristbands and release your custom BURGERLORDS Shirt. (if the wristbands have been tampered with ex. cut, taped or glued back together you will be disqualified. This challenge is reserved for the true BURGERLORDS).

Who's checking out Burger Week this year?


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