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David S. Kime Jr. loved Whopper Jr. sandwiches so much that during his funeral last Saturday in Manchester Township, Pennsylvania, his family included a stop at Burger King as part of his funeral procession. Each mourner received a Whopper Jr., along with Kime, who was buried with one of the burgers. Kime had died at 88 years old on January 20 due to heart complications. More information from York Daily Record:

As a tribute to a man who loved fast food, Phiel's family stopped for some burgers on the way to the cemetery. Mourners followed the hearse carrying Kime's flag-draped casket through the drive-thru. Each got a WHOPPER JR.

The sandwich was among Kime's favorites.

"He liked his WHOPPER JRs.," said Margaret Hess, head manager of the Manchester Township Burger King. She and her staff prepared 40 of the sandwiches for the funeral procession.

"They also wanted one for the deceased," Hess said.

Phiel said the display wasn't a joke, rather a happy way of honoring her father and the things that brought him joy.

"All of us are going to be in this position," she said. "And I think there's a certain group who think we should be crying. But on the other hand, he lived a wonderful life and on his own terms."

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