[Photograph: Sanrio]

File this under "best example of plush engineering I've seen in burger form." New from Sanrio is this reversible Hello Kitty burger plush ($28). One side is Hello Kitty holding a burger, but turn it inside out and it becomes a burger with Hello Kitty's face on the bun. In the video below, watch the magic...unfold:

Surely there's someone in your live who loves Hello Kitty, burgers, and soft, cute things who could use one of these.

Reversible Hello Kitty also comes in turkey form, but it's currently unavailable on Sanrio's website (did they all sell out?).



[Photographs: June Shieh on Instagram]

Many thanks to my friend June Shieh for bringing these toys to my attention! She bought hers in Los Angeles at Japan LA.

About the author: Robyn Lee is the editor of A Hamburger Today and takes many of the photos for Serious Eats. She'll also doodle cute stuff when necessary. Read more from Robyn at her personal food blog, The Girl Who Ate Everything.

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