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Burger King Japan started celebrating their fifth anniversary in June with five-patty Whoppers, then moved on to black-bunned burgers a few months later. And now, the ultimate anniversary promotion for Burger King lovers (who can eat really fast): all-you-can-eat burgers, sides, and drinks...within a 30-minute period. If you order specific items. Dring a specific time period. On specific days. But still—it's a sort of all-you-can-eat Burger king buffet.

The promotion is taking place from November 17 to 30 from 2 p.m. to 11 p.m. each day. To participate from November 17 to 21, you must order a large Kuro burger meal, or from November 22 to 30 order one of BK's four Whopper meals. After finishing the meal, you get 30 minutes (from when you ordered) to eat as many Whoppers, fries, onion rings, and Cokes as you want. (There's probably more small print on burgerkingjapan.co.jp, but I can't translate it. If you have more info, please let me know.) My guess is that Burger King will see a surge in amateur competitive eaters during the promotion period. And maybe vomit.

The name of the promotion, "B"iKing, is a word play on "viking" (バイキング, baikingu), the Japanese word for all-you-can-eat-buffets, and Burger King, explains Kotaku. As for why "viking" has that meaning in Japan, Tofugu explains it originated in the late 1950s from the popularity of Japan's first buffet restaurant, Imperial Viking, in Tokyo's Imperial Hotel. The restaurant's inspiration for the buffet, smörgåsbord, was a little too clunky to pronounce in Japanese, so they replaced it with "viking."

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